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A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein

Hoogenraad Lab

Hoogenraad Lab

Описание видео:

The primary aim of the Hoogenraad research lab at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, is to understand how intracellular protein transport underlies the development and function of nerve cells. During this 5 min movie we follow John, a motor protein, who has to transport his package to the right destination in the nerve cell, illustrating the relevance and mechanisms of proper intracellular transport in the nervous system. 🤍cellbiology.science.uu.nl 🤍NCUtrecht.nl 🤍redrumbureau.nl Permission to use this video is not required. When you use our materials in print, on the Web or in a video or audio format, we simply request that you credit the "Hoogenraad lab at the Utrecht University" and refer to our website at 🤍cellbiology.science.uu.nl

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A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein
A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein
A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein
A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-12-03 05:22:30

tMKlPDBRJ1E&t=3m00s 3:00

2023-12-02 19:21:52


2023-12-01 06:38:06

I wonder what the johns do in someone with autism like me

2023-11-30 21:59:29


2023-11-27 18:21:10

ayo migi😭 tMKlPDBRJ1E&t=2m00s 2:00

2023-11-27 13:55:21


2023-11-25 15:20:18

Great video. Makes you wonder, is it just a coincidence that the traffic analogy fits so well, or are these sorts of networks an inherent part of life on all of its different scales...

2023-11-23 17:54:38

These transporters seem to play a significant role in the metastasis phasece of breast cancer.. They bring cancerous cells to other parts of the body, following the microtubules 😮

2023-11-20 07:52:50

This is what I always imagine when reading, especially immunology- layers of policemen/soldiers arresting criminals

2023-11-19 00:19:47

Bro dropped the hardest Motor Protein video and thought we wouldnt notice

2023-11-18 03:31:20

props to john

2023-11-13 12:03:52

But what purpose does the opposite pulling one serve?

2023-11-12 16:43:38


2023-11-11 16:05:58

One must imagine John happy

2023-11-11 08:08:57

I feel bad for john😢 poor Johny

2023-11-10 11:20:40

Man motor protein is stupid

2023-11-08 22:32:45

Pretty late to this, but here’s a fun fact. Most of the time i see video’s of motor proteins they ‘walk’ slowly. They actually travel around a micrometer (1000nm) per second, which is pretty fast given they’re only about 10 nanometers in size. This animation would be more accurate if the motor protein was sprinting by at about 300km/h

2023-11-05 06:20:30

The comparison of a cell to a city is good, but still a gross underestimate; for instance, if the kinesin were scaled up to 6', John would be walking at just over the sound barrier. What amazes me is that people still claim we evolved this way. Even if earth had been here for 10 trillion years, it's simply not enough time to produce the complexity of a single cell... and we have 37 trillion of them.

2023-11-03 02:50:19

John needs a hug.

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