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'Akhand Bharat' mural in Parliament goes viral; Modi Govt says 'Resolve Clear' | Watch

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times

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A mural in the new Parliament building depicting undivided, ancient India has gone viral on social media. Many are claiming it represents the resolve for "Akhand Bharat", a "cultural concept" described by RSS. Watch this video for more details. #akhandbharat #newparliament #newparliamentbuilding #prahladjoshi #pmmodi #netizens #socialmedia #twitter #twitterati #viral #viralpic #viralvideo #newdelhi #modigovernment #modigovt #parliament #parliamentbuilding #loksabha #rajyasabha Hindustan Times Videos bring you news, views and explainers about current issues in India and across the globe. We’re always excited to report the news as quickly as possible, use new technological tools to reach you better and tell stories with a 360 degree view to give you a better understanding of the world around you.

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'Akhand Bharat' mural in Parliament goes viral; Modi Govt says 'Resolve Clear' | Watch
'Akhand Bharat' mural in Parliament goes viral; Modi Govt says 'Resolve Clear' | Watch
'Akhand Bharat' mural in Parliament goes viral; Modi Govt says 'Resolve Clear' | Watch
'Akhand Bharat' mural in Parliament goes viral; Modi Govt says 'Resolve Clear' | Watch
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Комментарии пользователей:
K Rath
2023-09-13 07:20:01

Bharat basi basudhaiba kutumbakam me biswas rakhte hain.Agar akhand bharat me Shanti aur biswas ko Laker dab khus hai to sabse achha hoga.hum lisike khilaf nahin hai sab ko lekar saath chalna hamara dharam hai.

Texter Dexter
2023-09-06 09:19:37

Now that the country is being renamed as Bharat, this mural makes absolute sense

It is reassuring to know the foresight of Modi Govt

Wiki Lord
2023-08-24 22:56:24

Great work by Modi and Yogi....

Wali Dar
2023-07-02 06:44:19

Akhand Bharat = India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Afghanistan, Nepal , Bhutan , Ceylon , Burma , Tibit 😮😢

Afghan Power
2023-06-22 09:55:05

Lol 😂centuries under Afghan rule now greater india😅

Divithotawela Chandananda
2023-06-20 12:46:43

most cyber scam doing indian guys. modi not take any action for it.

Jeevan K.C
2023-06-18 08:28:24

Sir , perhaps you forgot to include Istanbul , Ulaan bator, Beijing , Kualalumpur ,and Sydney ...

Mr Khalsa
2023-06-11 03:46:32

Khalistan Zindabad

surya prasada rao gudipati
2023-06-08 18:17:30

British invented gun and ruled world.Indian govt need to invest in Research and develop new technology which is unique.

Salman Ananda Chowdhury
2023-06-05 18:56:24

As a Bangladeshi living abroad, I personally think a SAARC common economic zone, common currency and visa free travel should be the way to move forward. If this unification is forced upon the people there would be riots and violence. Instead, there should be a peaceful transition towards unification. If the economic union of South Asia becomes successful then in one or two generations there will be public support for a federal union. This process should be modeled similar to EU.

2023-06-05 12:05:01

I hope akhand bharat in the future will not remain as just a concept will become into reality

Pakistan TV
2023-06-04 21:37:02

As a Pakistani I support akhand bharat because Muslims will be over 600 millions 😂😂😂

Pakistan TV
2023-06-04 21:35:51

If India take Pakistani Punjabis you all get murdered over small things😂 They can take your life over a joke

Maheswaran Methulan
2023-06-04 15:44:19

No tamil letters in map 😡 this is what north indians trying to do for years

Doctor Saikia
2023-06-04 09:57:35

Only radical jihadist will need burnol in their back

Surajit Ghosh
2023-06-04 09:22:23

সংকল্প স্পষ্ট, অখন্ড ভারত।🙏🙏🙏🙏

Chee Guevera
2023-06-04 09:12:05

Why??????? why not count it,as a threat of sovereignty?

Stence Francis
2023-06-03 22:03:34

Secular India left the chat. India is not just Hindus. Morons.

Ofio Glyph
2023-06-03 16:54:31

I am happy to see akhand bharat a reality. Such big nation would address the geographical difficulties of our neighbouring nationa nd quickly prosper towards in becoming a glorious nation. But only if all people jointly agrees upon terms with each other and not forcing ways of some onto others. As such seperatist feelings within India is developing such as khalstn and dravdanadu, expanding territory wouldnt be a near possibility. India has to fix its governance much more and have to come out from religion based politics that will only drag down the growth and that is the liking of the west of us Indians never becoming better than them. I hope India will rise again, akhand bharath will be the best nation on this planet.

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