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Apple's new "buy now pay later" service

Washington Post Shorts

Washington Post Shorts

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Apple wants to help you buy stuff - namely, stuff you can't currently afford. Users can ask for the BNPL option by applying within the Wallet app. #shorts #apple #tech

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Apple's new
Apple's new
Apple's new
Apple's new
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-14 13:02:26

So is it just a non fdic protected credit program?

John Mcconnell
2023-09-13 19:18:55

aka the loan creating a debt and debit card. Also no such thing as a soft pull.

jack Foxx
2023-08-29 20:02:00

the bank of apple

Plexy Glass
2023-08-28 20:00:08

Dont give a monopoly direct access to your finances 💀

william marques
2023-08-19 17:40:06

"Perhaps I can help." With more debt, he's going to help you accruing more debt. 🤨

jasson granda
2023-08-18 13:42:37

“Randomly select” it’s the people who have an Apple Card already and even at the the ones who had it for a while (I have Apple Pay later, it’s like a second Apple Card 💀)

Ryan Hansen
2023-08-17 17:19:42

It’s interesting to see how corporate America keeps changing its angles and hoping all us Gen Z’ers choose to spare them 😂

We won’t be but it’s a cute effort

2023-08-17 15:39:17

I have pay later and I haven't even been able to use it :(

Jonny Joanknecht
2023-08-14 14:33:40

PayPal monzo who needs apple ?

2023-08-13 22:15:12

Maybe if u didnt waste £1000+ on a iphone u could buy the spam 💀

Fabio FanF3E
2023-08-12 23:18:31

apple be like: we made this round thin connected with a rod, its not called a wheel, its called a "rotatorium"
it cots 5x more and better yet: it dosent work

xnamkcor X
2023-08-12 13:58:59

I'm not the biggest fan of Apple, but damn. Not committing the sin of Usury is probably one of the most brave things I've seen a modern company do...

Patrick Albrecht
2023-08-12 10:10:35

People should just stop worrying and use the feature!

David Walker
2023-08-08 18:12:15

If you’re having to straight up finance your groceries…you’ve got problems.

Jawad Arif
2023-08-08 10:33:49

What happen if you miss payment

2023-08-08 02:27:16

So Affirm?

2023-08-07 15:08:21

How is the Washington Post this funny and informative?! What's going on?! And how is it that apple is not charging interest? That sounds sus. Curious, but skeptical.

Jacob Erickson
2023-08-07 11:14:51

BNPL is soo close to being called Apple BAPL

2023-08-07 06:34:54

Basicaly klarna, gonna try the bnpl from apple this week, tbh im expecting nothing different from klarna other than the 1k limit

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