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WORST EVER Black Friday People

Project Nightfall

Project Nightfall

Описание видео:

Nightfam, save this video because it might just save your life. Here are 5 TIPS on how to get out of the Black Friday Sale alive! For business enquiries please email contact🤍projectnightfall.org #ProjectNightfall #blackfriday #shopping FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIALS: Website - 🤍projectnightfall.org/ Instagram - 🤍🤍instagram.com/projectnightfall/ Facebook - 🤍🤍facebook.com/ProjectNightfall Hiya!!!

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WORST EVER Black Friday People
WORST EVER Black Friday People
WORST EVER Black Friday People
WORST EVER Black Friday People
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-09-07 02:37:05

What was that is that dhar Mann actress 😂

2023-08-08 07:52:34

The fact this video was published when I joined YouTube

2023-08-06 00:03:11

I never and will never go outside on Black Friday even if I wanted to go for a walk just never.

2023-07-11 16:01:37

Ok, but go to WMDXUG6Ci6g&t=0m11s 0:11 seconds and look at the women yelling, isn't she an actor in dhar mann?.

2023-07-08 18:34:57

I’ll start shopping in the next day

2023-03-21 02:29:47

For my family black friday is just like a normal day

2023-03-18 02:44:18

Note: when your bring a gun on black Friday so what will happen

2023-03-10 19:52:39

one day these will go shopping armed to the teeth that will have a small war zone for a god eight inch television

2023-02-05 23:23:58

Black Friday is the worst "holiday" in the world. All it is is something to get your mind on greedy thoughts and to get other thoughts off of the real holiday of the month.. Thanksgiving. Some people do not celebrate this holiday, but Black Friday is the exact opposite of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is about great fullness and giving thanks to what you have. And Black Friday has people storming into a store without care for others just to save some money.

2023-02-01 13:31:39

Another best way:
stay home

2023-01-20 14:29:54

filipino black fridays are just regular shopping but with extra the customers (i think)

2023-01-16 15:20:37

Black Friday is bullshit,they put prices up 2 weeks before black friday and then they put them at the same price they actually were the 3-4 weeks ago it is just a big scam.

2023-01-02 09:16:47

I am never gonna do black friday shopping ever again.....

2022-12-28 18:40:31

Shop owners should be aware as they can be robbed without even knowing

2022-12-21 20:16:45

Better plan :- Study so hard, that someday you'll establish your own company and turn into an overnight billionaire, so that you can ditch the black Fridays and walk alone in the rest of the six days.

2022-12-17 07:30:23

Nigga for real

2022-12-17 03:35:18

Me just stay in home ez survived just in home

2022-12-17 02:10:14

Theres no Crazy black friday sale in the Philippines, and I think its better this ways

2022-12-14 09:37:19

man I thought Ohio was crazier than this 💀

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