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Best Bench Vise? $60 vs $500 “Unbreakable” Vise? Irwin, Yost, Wilton, Ridgid, Heuer, Central Forge


Brands: Heuer, Ridgid, Yost, Wilton, Baileigh, Irwin, Forward, Central Forge, Olympia, Myoyay. Vises tested for clamp load, durability from impact, anvil durability, and clamp load failure point. I purchased all of the vises to ensure an unbiased review. So, thank you for supporting the channel. ➡ Thank you for supporting the channel through memberships: 🤍 ➡ Thank you very much for supporting the channel through Patreon: 🤍 ➡ An easy way to find past videos along with products tested: 🤍 A huge thanks to Jim for putting this together. ➡ Merch: 🤍 ➡ Click here if you'd like to subscribe: 🤍 ➡ As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ➡ Products Tested In This Video (in no particular order): Heuer: 🤍 Ridgid: 🤍 Yost: 🤍 Wilton: 🤍 Baileigh: 🤍 Irwin: 🤍 Forward: 🤍 Central Forge: Available at Harbor Freight Olympia: 🤍 Myoyay: 🤍 Videography Equipment: Sony DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera: 🤍 Canon 70D Camera: 🤍 Azden Microphone: 🤍 Go Pro Bundle: 🤍 This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC

How Strong is a 265 lbs Vise? Warning - I break it!


All comments are now on the Fireball forum, a place to ask questions, share your thoughts, and easily search for topics that interest you: 🤍 Get the Hardtail Vise here: 🤍

BENCH VISE - How To Install A Vise


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How To Make A Bench Vise || DIY Metal Bench Vise Without Welding


Bench Vice used in Engineering Workshop: A Bench Vice is a holding tool which is used to hold the specimen or the workpiece in between the two jaws. Out of the two jaws, one jaw is fixed and the other is movable. I make this bench vise without welding. BEST TOOLS BUY FOR YOUR WORKSHOP Dewalt 13mm Impact Drill Machine 🤍 18v Cordless Drill Driver Stanley 🤍 18v Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Dewalt 🤍 Best Angle Grinder HI-KOKI 100mm 🤍 Best Angle Grinder Makita 100mm 🤍 Multi-Bits Set for Drill & Driver Accessory Kit 🤍 Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set 🤍 For Dimensions And More Information:- 🤍 Visit My Official Website : 🤍 Facebook Page : 🤍 Thanks For Watching.. Hit Like & Subscribe Button..

scrab metal turning into a mini bench vice | Galaxy Fabrication


Hi everyone, This project done by our galaxy fabrication. This is a mini vise. You can use until 6 inches. #howtomakebenchvise #minibenchvise #galaxyfabrication Let us know what you think of this video after watching it, either by commenting or by clicking the Like or Dislike button. Please SUBSCRIBE my channel for watch future videos.. My machinaries for this project Welding machine 🤍 Cut off machine 🤍 Hikoki angle grainder 🤍 Taparia sprit level 🤍 i bell angle grinder 🤍 Low price Auto dark welding face shield 🤍 Makita drill machine 🤍 Selfie Ring light 🤍 Samsung phone camera 🤍 _ SOCIAL LINK :- fallow :- FACEBOOK - GALAXY FABRICATION 🤍

Making a Heavy Duty Metal Vice // DIY Metal Vice


Hello friends, in this video i'll be making a heavy duty metal vise. You can find the measurements at the end of the video. Hope you like it.

INGCO Bench vice HBV084


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Pick the RIGHT vise for woodworking.


Learn how to choose the best vise for your bench! Face vise, tail-vise, or leg vise? More video and exclusive content: 🤍 Build my Portable Workbench: 🤍 Take my bench-building course: 🤍 Build the English Joiner's Bench 🤍 Build your own Leg Vise Plans: 🤍 Video: 🤍 - Vises in this video (affiliate): 7" Quick Release Model (Tail-vise): 🤍 10" Basic Vise w/o Jaw and Handle (Face vise): 🤍 Vise Screw (for making leg vises and such): 🤍 - Get My Book, Everyday Woodworking: 🤍 - Sign up for Fabrication First, my FREE newsletter: 🤍 Become a member of this channel! Get custom badges and emojis you can use during chats: 🤍 Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate): *Cutting* Gyokucho Ryoba Saw: 🤍 Dewalt Panel Saw: 🤍 Suizan Dozuki Handsaw: 🤍 (Winner of the affordable dovetail-saw shootout.) Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Needs tune-up to work well.) Crown Tenon Saw: 🤍 (Works out of the box) Carving Knife: 🤍 Narex True Imperial Chisels: 🤍 (My favorite affordable new chisels.) Blue-Handled Marples Chisels: 🤍 (I use these to make the DIY specialty planes, but I also like them for general work.) *Sharpening* Honing Guide: 🤍 Norton Coarse/Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Natural Arkansas Fine Oil Stone: 🤍 Green buffing compound: 🤍 *Marking and Measuring* Stockman Knife: 🤍 (For marking and the built-in awl). Speed Square: 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife: 🤍 (Excellent, inexpensive marking knife.) Blue Kreg measuring jig: 🤍 Round-head Protractor: 🤍 *Drilling* Forstener Bits: 🤍 Spade Bits: 🤍 *Work-Holding* Orange F Clamps: 🤍 Screw Clamp: 🤍 Get my woodturning book: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍rexkrueger 0:00 Intro 0:50 Face Vise 3:31 Everything in the Face Vice? 4:37 Alternatives 6:46 Tail Vice 8:27 Vices on the Quick Stack Workbench 9:31 The Joiner's Bench 10:42 Outro

Bench Vise Simple || A DIY Woodworking Project


Hello Friends, Today I Make a diy woodworking project - Bench vise - woodworkers vise. I Hope You Enjoy This Video. It would be great if you guys share my videos with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe to the channel! I need and appreciate your help! #benchvise #vise #woodworkingproject

How To Install A Vise Like A PRO


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DIY Wooden Bench Vise / Ahşap Tezgah Mengenesi Yapımı


In this video we will make a bench vise for woodworking Wooden bench vise Bu videoda ahşap işleme için tezgâh mengenesi yapacağız Ahşap tezgâh mengene

$40 Moxon Vise - Easy to build in an afternoon!


A Moxon Vise is a great tool to have when you start to work with hand tools. It's essential for dovetails and other joinery methods that require you to work on the end of a board. Easily clamp it on your workbench and store it away while not in use! Best thing about this Moxon Vise, the hardware only costs $40! Check out the Moxon Vise kit here - 🤍 For more details, check out my website - 🤍 For more details on WD-40 Specialist Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor - 🤍 AMAZON (affiliate) LINKS Planer: 🤍 Table Saw: 🤍 Incra T-Square: 🤍 Combo Square: 🤍 Chisels: 🤍 Marking Knife: 🤍 Ryoba Saw (Hand Saw): 🤍 My Amazon Store - 🤍 _ My Recording Equipment Camera: 🤍 Shotgun Mic: 🤍 Lav Mic: 🤍 Voiceover Mic: 🤍 _ FOLLOW Website - 🤍 Subscribe - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 _ Links above are affiliate links, I make a small commission if you click on them at no extra cost to you. clicking on them really helps me continue to make more projects :)

How To Make Bench Vise || DiY Bench Vise Using Hand Tools


Hello! Video is about, how to make bench vise with common hand tools and few pieces of wood.Thank's for watching! Chisels I use in this project: 🤍 Bench Vise Plans: 🤍 How to build Bandsaw: 🤍 How to build Tablesaw: 🤍 #craftydude

Build a Bench Vise in 20 Minutes


I build a simple bench vise in 20 minutes and then another one in another 20 minutes. Quick to build with what you have in the shop. No trip to the hardware store. Please subscribe: 🤍

Installing a BENCH FACE VISE (HV516) and woodturning a HANDLE


Installing a FACE VISE on my homemade workbench : (HV516) Making the FRONT JAW + INSTALLATION + Woodturning a HANDLE (plans) + Drilling BENCH DOG HOLES ... HVQ516 has the same installation. The Bench dogs came from 'Banggood' - "Drillpro Quick Release Bench Dogs". Sound credits : Freesoundfreesound org Pop sound effect - Vilkas Sound, 🤍

How To Make A Bench Vise || without any professional tools / DIY Metal Vise


Making a Bench Vise Hello friends welcome to my channel Like working More videos to subscribe my channel Homemade tools, homemade projects, DIY TOOLS, Woodworking Ideas, how to make bench vise, homemade bench vise, metal bench vise, diy metal bench vise, homemade vice, metal vice, metal vise, metal working project, drill vise

Add a vise to the $30 Work Bench.


More video and exclusive content: 🤍 Get the Plans: 🤍 See the UPDATED Low Bench (faster and much cheaper): 🤍 Tools and Materials in this build (affiliate): Scaffold Leveling Jack Screw: 🤍 Hacksaw: 🤍 (This isn't the one I used in the video, but I own it and it's good for the price.) Hex Shaft Drill Bits: 🤍 Countersink: 🤍 Small File: 🤍 (needs a handle) My favorite file handles: 🤍 Large spade bit for boring out the screw hole: 🤍 Woodwork for Humans Tool List (affiliate): Stanley 12-404 Handplane: 🤍 Honing Guide: 🤍 Green buffing compound: 🤍 Cheap metal/plastic hammer for plane adjusting: 🤍 Spade Bits: 🤍 Metal File: 🤍 (I don't own this one, but it looks good and gets good reviews. DOESN'T NEED A HANDLE) My favorite file handles: 🤍 Block Plane Iron (if you can't find a used one): 🤍 Vaughn Bear Saw: 🤍 Dewalt Handsaw: 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife: 🤍 Mini-Hacksaw: 🤍 Follow me in Instagram: 🤍rexkrueger Get my woodturning book: 🤍



I wanted to compare these bench vises my way. I put these 12 vises through 3 different tests to identify their weak points. The first test is a maximum clamping force with just the handle. This is important because this is how well it will hold your work. The next test is a shock load test. You see all the weak points when you hit it with a big hammer. Then finally a maximum clamping force with a 4 foot cheater bar. The only way to find the weak spot is to break it. This was a really fun video to make. Thank you for watching and I can't wait to show you whats next. US Store: 🤍 EU Store: 🤍 16" Vise Build: 🤍 Here are the links to some of the vises we tested in this episode provided for your reference. We may receive compensation from Amazon if you purchase using these links. These links are not an endorsement of the products. Yost Vises ADI-5, 5 Inch 130,000 PSI Austempered Ductile Iron Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base 🤍 Yost Vises 750-DI 5" Heavy-Duty Multi-Jaw Rotating Combination Pipe and Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel Base and Head 🤍 Wilton Tools 28810 845M Mechanics Pro Vise with 4-1/2" Jaw Width 🤍 JET 10025 ATV All-Terrain Vise, 5" 🤍 Wilton 11127 675 5-1/2-Inch Jaw Width by 5-Inch Opening Utility Workshop Vise 🤍 Dewalt DXCMQRV5 Heavy-Duty Quick Release Bench Vise, 5” 🤍 Yost Vises 905-AS 5" Heavy Duty Steel Bench Vise 🤍 Heuer Vise 🤍 Harbor Freight Vise 🤍 Not tested in this video, but in another video, Fireball Bench Vise for welding tables: 🤍

Wooden Bench Vise making / free PDF plan / DIY


I am making a bench vise. This is a wooden bench vise. You can learn, how to make a bench vise. You can download a PDF plan. Easy making this useful tool. #vise #benchvise #vice #woodenbenchvise #benchvisediy ➤PDF Plan download page : 🤍 ➤Join : 🤍 ➤Tools/Supplies Used : Table Saw : 🤍 Angle Grinder Chop Saw : 🤍 Disc Sander : 🤍 ➤Referenced Videos: 🤍 ➤You may also like these videos Drill Guide Jig : 🤍 Benchtop Jointer : 🤍 Folding Step Stool : 🤍 ➤Subscribe 🤍 ➤My website : 🤍 ➤Playlists: DIY Tools: 🤍 Clamps: 🤍 Sanders : 🤍 Wood Turning : 🤍 Drilling Tools : 🤍 Wood Works : 🤍 Celaning : 🤍 Band Saw : 🤍

BENCH VISE - Install Swivel Vise - DIY


If interested in purchasing this product, visit our Amazon affiliate link below. I earn from qualifying purchases. 1. Workbench: 🤍 2. Swivel vise: 🤍 1. How to add drawers to workbench 🤍 2. Adding drawers to workbench 🤍 3. Install workbench drawer liner 🤍 Visit our Amazon Affiliate store, as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 🤍

How To Make This Type Bench Vise | DIY Heavy Duty Metal Bench Vise


How To Make This Type Bench Vise | DIY Heavy Duty Metal Bench Vise Your Queries: bench vise installation bench vise stand bench vise ideas for workshop bench vise assembly bench vise restoration vise clamp handmade vise homemade vise DIY bench vise how to make bench vise DIY metal bench vise homemade tools bench vise made with scrape drill press vise DIY homemade tool making a drill press vise making vise [[ WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL PAVANFABRICATION ]] _YOUR QUERIES_ 1) WOODEN pettern door 🤍 2) LATEST gate design 🤍 3) FRONT main gate design 🤍 4) MAIN gate 🤍 5) SIMPLE iron gate design 🤍 _OTHER SOCIAL LINKS_ INSTAGRAM 🤍 YOUTUBE 🤍 ONLY FOR FABRICATION WORKS EMAIL ID vishv2karma2🤍 Thanks for watching this video..... Don't FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE SHARE THIS video 🤍pavanfabrication 🤍p2stickwelder 🤍VIPCreates

New addition to the Bench, Vevor versatile Machine Vice.


This is a review and fitting of a new Vevor Machine Vice to a Workbench in the metal workshop. Unboxing, mounting and using. Very happy with the results. VEVOR Multipurpose Bench: 🤍 Coupon code: VVPRO to save 5% off

Wilton 4600 Bench Vice Review -EricTheCarGuy


Wilton 4600 Bench vice $196.99: 🤍 Wilton website: 🤍 I got my new Wilton vice from J&B Tool sales. 🤍#oid=1002_1 To say I love my new vice would be something of an understatement. I freaking love my new vice. My old vice was getting pretty worn. When I used it to do the pipes for my air system it was very evident. So when I went looking for a new vice I stumbled on this unique design from Wilton. It's reversible so you can have an extra wide opening if you need it. Honestly, I just like the extra anvil on top. I've found it to be very functional. I've worked with a few vices over the years and I can honestly say this is a quality vice that I believe I'll be using for years to come. Camera: Brian Kast Thanks for watching! The best place for answers to your automotive questions: 🤍 Discussion about this video: 🤍 Related Videos Welder/Plasma Cutter Video: 🤍 ETCG's New Bendpak Compressor: 🤍 How To Thread Iron Pipe: 🤍 Useful articles. Engine overheat: 🤍 No start problems: 🤍 Idle issues: 🤍 Performance issues: 🤍 Diagnosing Noises: 🤍 Diagnosing Vibrations: 🤍 Electrical Problems: 🤍 Brake Issues: 🤍 Transmission issues: 🤍 HVAC problems: 🤍 Buying a Used Car: 🤍 Leaks: 🤍 MPG: 🤍 The best place for answers to your automotive questions: 🤍 Social Network Links Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Information on Premium Membership: 🤍 Stay Dirty ETCG Tool Review Disclaimer: ETCG is not paid to do tool reviews. Yes, I get to keep the tools after the review, but I do not receive any financial compensation for any reviews. The views expressed in this video are my own and unsolicited. Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information.  EricTheCarGuy assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video.  Due to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result.  Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not EricTheCarGuy.

Woodworkers vise - a diy woodworking project


Any woodworker must have a vise, i didn't until i built one for my workshop. Used plywood and M20 screw . works excelent. This video is alittle longer than usual, hope you watch it all and learn somthing new from it. Also check out my other social media profiles: ~Shop: 🤍 ~ Facebook: 🤍 ~ Instagram: 🤍 ~ Twitter: 🤍 ~ Collaboration mail: danielhavrince🤍 #woodwork #vise #carpenter

How to Install a Bench Vise


In this video, I'll show you how to properly install a bench vise. The vise I'm installing is an The Irwin vise can be purchased on my Amazon affiliate link: 🤍 Check out our Amazon store and help support our channel 🤍

Workbench Upgrade: Carpenters Vice


My Workbench gets an important upgrade: A Vice. Untill now I always used clamps to lock everything in place, now I want a better solution. The carpenter vice is made of cast iron, is 23 cm (9") wide and can open up to ~26 cm (10"). It comes with a Quick Release, to be opened and closed pretty fast, and a bench dog, which I'll present in another Video (🤍

Best Bench Vise Reviews 2022 | Top 5 Heavy Duty Bench Vises For Your Garage Or Workshop


➤Best Bench Vise List: 🤍 Welcome to our video of the best bench vise reviews currently available on the market. You only have two hands—and that can often be a challenge in certain projects. Indeed, there may also be times when using your hands to hold a workpiece simply isn’t safe. The solution to these scenarios might just be the best bench vise. A staple in metalworking, automotive work, woodworking, and hobbyist shops, the best bench vise is a metal clamping device that bolts to the top, side, or underside of your workbench. It has a screw mechanism that turns to open and close the jaws on a workpiece to hold it firmly in place, letting you perform tasks like cranking on a nut or bolt or cutting perfectly accurate dovetail joints. The best bench vise may also provide a solid surface to hammer against, making it an even more useful workshop staple. If you’re ready to increase your shop’s functionality, watch on to learn about the different styles and features of the best bench vises—and to see why the following models are excellent options. Keep watching to learn more about how the best bench vises work, and which features to look for when you’re shopping for the best bench vise. Plus, don’t miss our top 5 best bench vise picks among the best bench vise options available. #bestbenchvise #benchvise #benchvisereview WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS - Best Rear Tine Tillers 🤍 Best Loppers 🤍 Best Watering Wands 🤍 Best Chipper Shredders 🤍 - ➤ All This products in this video belong to the website owner and the product owner. This is not a promotional video, just some cool gadgets that makes our life better. ➤ Disclaimer: This channel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ➤ Copyright Issue:- If you find any of your copyrighted material in this video, please leave us a message (bigdealshq at gmail dot com) so we can resolve the issue. © All rights reserved by respective owners.

What's the best Woodworking Vise ? | How to install it


What is the best Woodworking Vise? Rob Coasman talks about the different woodworking vises, tels you which one is the best vise, and shows you how to install it. If you like our content please LIKE us, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and RING THE BELL to be notified whenever we release a new video. _ *Watch the end of the video (Time 21:09) for the discount code * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB"S MONTHLY WOODWORKING TIPS NEWSLETTER - 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO TAKE YOUR WOODWORKING TO THE NEXT LEVEL: 🤍 * SUBSCRIBE TO ROB'S ONLINE WORKSHOP - 🤍 * LIVE YOUTUBE WORSHOPS - Every other saturday at 6:00pm Eastern Time * QUESTIONS — Have a question about the Tools, Techniques, or Anything Else you saw in this video? Post your question in the comments section of this video! * VISIT OUR STORE - To learn more or purchase any of the tools you saw Rob use in this video, please visit our retail store at 🤍 * LEARN ABOUT ROB'S PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * DONATE TO THE PURPLE HEART PROJECT: 🤍 * FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍

Fitting An Old Vice To The Bench


Hello and welcome to Badger Workshop. I got this bench from 🤍 Now I want to add a vice to it. Tools I use 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases Support me on Patreon 🤍 Support me with PayPal 🎧 WORKSHOP BANTER PODCAST 🎧 🤍 Also available on Spotify, Apple, Google and most other podcast platforms Social Media 🤍 🤍 🤍 Video about vices 🤍

Broken Bench Vise ~ RESTORATION & REPAIR


Why would I WELD a vise back together? I found this Old Broken Bench Vise in a guys scrap pile. He said that’s IMPOSSIBLE to fix, I said “WATCH ME!” I just laughed as I put it in the bed of my truck and drove away, but I was really thinking "This one's gonna be good!" I would truly appreciate it if you'd take the time and watch as I take this heap of scrap metal and return it to it's original glory as a BEAUtiful Fully Functional Bench Vise!! I'd love to know your thoughts on this project! Please consider supporting the channel by buying these tools & materials for your project using the links below! It helps support the channel & won't cost you anything more! Materials USED in the VIDEO: My "Special Sauce" - 🤍 Cast Iron Welding Electrode - 🤍 Rust Remover - 🤍 Brazing rod - 🤍 Cold Bluing - 🤍 Metal Epoxy - 🤍 Boiled Linseed Oil - 🤍 Self Etching Primer - 🤍 Paint Pens - 🤍 Tools USED in the VIDEO: Electric Die Grinder - 🤍 Carbide Metal Cutting Burr Set - 🤍 Manual Impact Bit Driver - 🤍 Leather hammer - 🤍 5" Orbital Palm Sander - 🤍 If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below! Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support! Feel free to donate towards future projects on my Patreon page Below, I would really appreciate it. ★Patreon★ 🤍 Follow my Instagram for what I'm up to on a daily basis! ★Instagram★ 🤍 #Restoration #OldTools #ViseRepair



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#homemade #Benchvise #Diy



HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR BENCH VISE! In this video I show how to upgrade a cheap bench vise into a more usable tool. get this EXACT bench vise here : 🤍 Visit my Store and help support me and This Channel! Etsy : 🤍 Want to Swap Stickers??? Contact me for details. Follow me on Facebook to get the latest updates on my location, builds and new videos! SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 - Contact me: bandocraftsman🤍 Also, Please be sure to subscribe to this channel for the most up-to-date videos from me, B&O Craftsman. Every other Week on Fridays For new WoodWorking videos and the following Wednesday for a Follow up Vlog.

How to make a strong metal vise at home - very easy to make a bench vise


Detailed instructions on how to make a strong metal vise at home, even for beginners.



Bench Vice used in Engineering Workshop: A Bench Vice is a holding tool which is used to hold the specimen or the workpiece in between the two jaws. Out of the two jaws, one jaw is fixed and the other is movable. I make this bench vise bench vise metal bench vise how to make bench vise how to make metal bench vise blacksmithing Making things with metal Forging industry

DIY Bench Vise and a Bonus Video // Ahşap Tezgah Mengenesi Yapımı


In this video i'll be making a bench vise and removable metal vise for metal working. You can find all the measurements and material names at the end of the video.

bench vise ... advice


What to look for and what to buy with or without a buget this will help you out to make that decision and save some money in the process. Lots of questions to be had new from the internet or box store or used from Facebook marketplace or yard sale ? what size or how big ? Any modifications to make it work better ? Here are some tips of do's and don'ts and my personal recommendations of all the years I worked with bench vises and breaking about 4 or 5 of them in the process. This is a add-on video to the video CP made link below 🤍 So what do you think? Love it ? Hate it? Share your opinion. Want to see more? Like and Subscribe. Did ya know we have a facebook page? Find it here 🤍 Hey our Instagram has some cool things too 🤍 do you like to talk about tools ? Come check us out at our Facebook tool group 🤍 This video is not sponsored by any tool brand. Just a fellow tool junkie. Heartful of Kerosene - Jeff II 🤍 Creative Commons Attribution Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 #benchvise #vise #shopvise #diyvise #provise #wilton #welding #weldingtable

How To Make Your Bench Vice PORTABLE! So USEFUL!


Here's a great little Easy DIY project to make your Bench Vice portable so you can move it around the bench or workshop or take it off the bench when you don't need it to free up some space. Also, you can now use it inside the house for those jobs when you need an extra strong support, or even take it in the car when you go camping or to help a mate who doesn't have a vice! See You Next Time! Please Like, Share, Comment, SUBSCRIBE* 🤍 Cheers, Mark. Edited on Windows Movie Maker. Music: 1st track: Artist: Audionautix - 🤍 2nd track: SONG : WORKING IT ARTIST : JINGLE PUNKS 3rd track: Militaire Electronic by Kevin MacLeod. 4th track:Sugar Zone by Silent Patner Title: Sugar Zone Artist: Silent Partner 5th track: Title: Sophomore Makeout Artist: Silent Partner

Bench vice drawing | How to draw bench vice


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Best Bench Vise for the Money! (2021 Affordable 5" Bench Vise)


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