Refx nexus 2 review

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ReFX Nexus 2 VSTPlugin Review


This is a review on Nexus 2 buy your copy here 🤍

ReFX Nexus 2 Review


ReFX Nexus 2 Buy your copy here: 🤍 Demo a trial version for free here: 🤍

refx nexus 2 el peor pluggin ? NEXUS 2 ORIGINAL REVIEW


Quieres trabajar conmigo? Beats, mix y máster 👉🏼 elkeretumba🤍 #BEATMAKER #TUTORIALABLETON #TUTORIALFLSTUDIO DESCARGUEN GRATIS mis loops aqui ! 🤍 No se si los de refx se vayan a encojonar . pero pagar 300 dolares nuevamente por lo que ya he comprado ... me parece una estafa, y espero que a ustedes no les pase . o si les ha pasado con algun software que piensan ? No creen que es una mierda ? Comenten pues !!!! VAS A EMPEZAR UN HOME ESTUDIO Y NO SABES COMO ? AQUI TE CUENTO ALGUNAS COSAS PARA QUE LA C*GUES 🤍 Si les interesa esta y más info SUSCRIBANSE AQUI ! ►►►►🤍 ◄ ◄ ◄ ◄! y si no les gusto entonces siganme en ig 🤍elkeretumba VETE AQUÍ PARA UN REGALO DE MIERDA !!! ►►►🤍 ◄◄◄ 🎹🎹🎹 PARA DESCARGAR BEATS GRATUITOS Y EXCLUSIVOS INGRESA AQUÍ !! 🎹🎹🎹 🤍 🌐Website: 🤍 💻 Business contact : elkeretumba🤍 📷Instagram : 🤍elkeretumba 📷 Facebook : WWW.FB.COM/beatsforsale

Top 5 reFX Nexus 2 Tips You NEED To Know!


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NEXUS 4 - SHOULD YOU GET IT? Waves Retro Fi - Listen! FREE Sounds of LA!


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Can You Still Use NEXUS 2 in 2020? Making a Beat with refx Nexus 2


In this video I'll be making a beat using Nexus 2 and breaking down some presets that I think still sound good even in 2020. If you want to see more videos like this in the future, be sure to hit subscribe. It would mean a lot! Thanks! TIME STAMPS: 0:00 Intro 0:50 5 Presets! 2:01 BEAT COOKUP 3:25 Outro SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍justinproduces_ BEATSTORE: Beatstars: 🤍

REVIEW SOUND PIANO DI NEXUS 2 ( ada sound seperti di lagu LATHI )


REVIEW SOUND PIANO DI NEXUS 2 ( ada sound seperti di lagu LATHI ) Terima kasih buat teman teman yang selalu support kita kembali berkarya seperti ini dan mudah2an selanjutnya kita terus membuat konten seperti ini terus dukung channel kita dan terima kasih banyak jangan lupa LIKE , KOMEN n SHARE mohon maaf apabila ada kekurangan didalam video ini terima kasih Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍darma_nhstudio

Refx Nexus Review Verson 2


A one shot recording of my review on Nexus [sorry about the people in teamspeak]



SweetScale FAM!!! What are your thoughts on Nexus 3??? Comment Below!!! More Episodes COMING SOON including Product Reviews, Live Performances, Tutorials & VST Reviews. What do you all want to see next?!?! Let me know. If you haven't already done so Subscribe & Hit the Bell Notification!! PS Thank you to all my supporters/ subscribers!! I appreciate yall!! The Journey to 10,000 subs continues. LETS GOO!!! My Gear Keyboard/ Midi Controller: 🤍 Cannon G7X Mark II (Camera): 🤍 Launchpad Pro 2: 🤍 Launchpad Pro MK3: 🤍 Launchpad X: 🤍 Speakers Yamaha HS7: 🤍 DJ Controller 1 Roland DJ 808: 🤍 DJ Controller 2 DDJ SRT 1000: 🤍 DJ Laptop Stand: 🤍 Roland FA 06: 🤍 Ableton Push 2 🤍 Maschine MK3 🤍 Tags best edm plugins, best hip hop plugins, best plugin, best plugins, best plugins for edm, best plugins for producers, best price for nexus 3, best vst, best vst 2019, best vst 2020, best vst for trap beats, best vsts for music production, , download nexus 3, how to make beats, how to use nexus 3, is nexus 3 worth it, making a beat, making a beat using nexus 3, nexus 3, nexus 3 atlernatives, nexus 3 discount, nexus 3 download, nexus 3 expansion, nexus 3 first look, nexus 3 fl studio, nexus 3 new features, nexus 3 plugin, nexus 3 refx, nexus 3 review, nexus 3 tutorial, nexus 3 upgrade, nexus 3 vst, nexus vst, nexus vst review, , omnisphere, refx nexus, refx nexus 3, refx nexus 3 review, refx nexus review, sounds in nexus 3, the incredible nexus 3 and its creators: vst for trap beats, top sounds in nexus 3, top sounds nexus 3,

Nexus 3 Crazy Fun!! Ft. Nexus Co-Creator & Sound Designer


Endless fun playing random music and presets with Nexus 3 & Manuel Schleis! Check it out here: 🤍 ★ Subscribe to this YT channel → 🤍 ★ More about Claudio on 🤍 ———————————— ★ To get your music mixed, mastered or produced by Doctor Mix now: CLICK HERE ► 🤍 ★ To get Doctor Mix's top 10 mixing techniques join our list here and download the PDF straight away: 🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX VIDEO COURSES ★ “The Official Guide To Mixing” - Learn to how to mix your music like pro in 24 video lessons → 🤍 “How To Produce House Music” - Learn House/Dance music production in 35 videos → 🤍 ★ DOCTOR MIX SOUND PACKS ★ Michael Jackson’s “Thriller Sound Pack” - the multitrack and samples re-produced by Doctor Mix → 🤍 The Roland “TR-909 Sample Pack” - The original sounds, from the original unit, smiled by Doctor Mix → 🤍 ★ FIND DOCTOR MIX HERE ★ Website ► 🤍 Youtube ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Soundcloud ► 🤍 Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the weekly videos we post on the channel, subscribe, and share with those who need to see them. Your comments are our oxygen, so please take a second and say hi ;-)

Refx Nexus 2: Plugin Review


A quick review of the nexus plugin.

Nexus 2 Review: by


More reviews at 🤍

Why REFX? Nexus 4 is so Disappointing!


Want Funko pops, figpins, prints, toys, and awesome merchandise from First Form Collectibles (🤍 Use my code "JAUNTI" to receive a 10% discount for your purchases! My Mercari store: 🤍 Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here's my invitation link: 🤍 Check out my profile on Whatnot to see what I am selling, want or have in my collection: 🤍 Timestamps: The Look of Disappointment - 0:00 Intro - 0:17 Problems with Responding to Some Comments - 0:48 Responding to Concerns About My Face - 1:44 Hearing About Nexus 4 for the First Time - 2:50 Nexus 4's GUI (Still the Same?) - 4:12 New (Minor) Features - 5:42 Similarities to Other Companies - 6:50 My Concerns - 7:59 Prices May Increase - 10:27 Companies Charging for Minor Updates/Features - 11:24 Final Thoughts - 13:40 Outro - 15:13 Connect with me: MIXING & MASTERING SERVICES - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 TIKTOK - 🤍 Background music produced by Jauntí Email (Business inquiries only): jauntimusic🤍 Linktree: 🤍 Donations: Cash App: $jauntimusic PayPal: 🤍 Disclaimer: Any unauthorized reproduction or sampling of this recording is interdicted by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution. Some of these links are affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. #reFX #Nexus #VST

REFX Nexus 4 VST Plugin is Disappointing and Here's Why!


REFX Nexus 4 is a rompler VST Plugin for both Windows & MacOSX. This "new update" bring little to nothing to the table besides a few UI tweaks. One of the main issues with Nexus 3 was lack of editable OSC. Which seems to be the way REFX wants it to be because of their extensive library of sounds. In other words, they want to be the only people to sell you sounds! However, I totally understand but their library lacks in comparison to modern romplers like Kontakt, Omnisphere, & even the $20 Xpand!2 plugin. I'll walk you thru the "new" features & preview some of the sounds. So you can be the judge. Leave a comment below! get it here 🤍 Better Alternatives Xpand!2 🤍 Kontakt (I recommend checking out the free Kontakt player expansion) 🤍 Omnisphere (thought I'd never recommend this lol) 🤍 ElectraX (with our collection at ofcourse) 🤍 or Warlock 🤍 Hive 2 (not exactly a rompler synth but it bangs!) 🤍 chapters 0:00 intro 1:03 some example tracks 4:10 the sounds are dated af! 4:53 preset tour 8:14 the "new features" smh 10:15 you can't edit OSC's! 10:47 weak expansions 11:18 better alternatives exist! 13:54 pro's and con's support the channel or request videos! CashApp me at $DJAveMcRee or 🤍 *Buy the MPC One or Live ii here* Get it here (affiliate link that helps support this channel at no additional cost to you) MPC ONE Retro Edition 🤍 or here 🤍 or the original MPC ONE 🤍 or here 🤍 or the MPC LIVE ii Retro Edition 🤍 or the MPC LIVE ii Original version 🤍 *My MPC YouTube Playlist* MPC ONE Playlist (includes beginners guide) 🤍 MPC Live ii Playlist (includes beginners guide) 🤍 *My Audio Interface setup* Audiofuse Studio (big studio) 🤍 Audiofuse 🤍 UA Apollo Solo 🤍 Microphone Aston Origin 🤍 social media links 🤍 [Contact me here for fastest response!] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #REFX #Nexus #VST

Just bought REFX Vanguard 2 - Testing it out for the first time.


REFX released an updated version of Vanguard for Black Week / Black Friday 2022. Vanguard 2 features several upgrades compared to the original VST released in the early 2000's and retired in 2016. I just purchased the VST and will play around with it, if you are considering getting it, feel free to check out the video so you can get an impression of how the VST works. REFX is the company behing known plugins such as : Nexus (Nexus, Nexus 2, Nexus 3 and Nexus 4) and Vanguard. SEO refx vanguard 2, refx vanguard 2 preview, vanguard 2 refx,refx black friday, refx vanguard 2 vs vanguard 1, refx vanguard 2 tutorial, vanguard 2, whats new in vanguard 2, refx vanguard, refx vanguard 1, vanguard 2, vanguard black friday, vanguard 2 VST, new vanguard, Refx vanguard 2 review, refx, new vst refx, new vst vanguard, vanguard fl studio, fl studio vanguard, fl studio vanguard 2, vst black friday 2022, new vst, fl studio new

Top 10 Nexus Instrument Expansions for Producers


The ReFX Nexus plugin has many of the best preset sounds around with tons of instruments and options for quick inspiration. In this video, we'll check out some of my favorite expansions I've picked up over the years. ReFX Nexus + Expansions: 🤍 Urban Dreamscapes for Serum - 🤍 8oh!8 Bass Presets for Serum - 🤍 The Niche Kit (Creative Drum and Loop Kit) - 🤍 *NEW* Divine Mixing Drum Chains (Waves): 🤍 *NEW* Divine Beat Mixing (Mixing Course for Producers): 🤍 Divine Mixing - Template One (DAW Template) - 🤍 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍

NEXUS 3 - Before you buy it...


🔥I made a beat with the new KSHMR expansion for Nexus 🤍 More about Nexus 3: 🤍 In this video, I take a look at the brand new Nexus 3 by reFX. Nexus 3 is the latest version of the flagship software by reFX and has a bunch of new features that I go over in this video. I demo all the new features, and also demo sounds from Nexus 3. The expansions offer even more sounds, and I give you a taste of those as well. I discuss the price and also the arpeggiator, sequencer, mixer, modulators, and other new features. #Nexus3 #Plugins #SanjayC - LISTEN TO MY MUSIC - Spotify 🤍 iTunes 🤍 Google Play 🤍 - FOLLOW ME on Social Media- Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 💼 Business and speaking engagements: Sanjay🤍 - My Music GEAR - These links may be part of affiliate programs. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My trusty computer - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) The best headphones EVER - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) My main audio interface - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Excellent audio interface for beginners or anyone really - 🤍 Amazing studio monitors for the price - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) My main keyboard - 🤍 The most expressive keyboard EVER: 🤍 (Amazon paid link) The most complete virtual instrument collection - 🤍 I don’t leave home without this controller: 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Drum pads with the best sensitivity - 🤍 The best DAW ever - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) My main DAW controller - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Great microphone for vocals: 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Subwoofer that did the job - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Expressive control from the future - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) My preferred mini keyboard - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) Keyboard that’s a workflow beast - 🤍 (Amazon paid link) The ULTIMATE hardware synth: 🤍 (Amazon paid link)

ReFX Nexus 3 VST Review // Not Just Dance Cheese?


A review of the ReFX Synth Nexus 3......Does it fix Nexus 2's shortcomings? A look at the interface, search functionality and ability to edit the sequences in more depth than ever before. 🤍

REFX Vanguard 2 - Sounds of Revolution 3 preset review (no talk)


In REFX Vanguard 2, there are several preset packages included, in this video i will go through the sounds included in Sounds of Revolution 3, please note, the sounds can be heavily customized with the included tools in Vanguard 2, so you can make the sounds into just what you need. There are 128 presets included. Have a listen and hopefully you can decide if you would like to purchase this VST. I bought it, and i have to say that i am very happy with it so far! The sounds are very customizable, and the only limitation is your fantasy. REFX has released an updated version of Vanguard for Black Week / Black Friday 2022. Vanguard 2 features several upgrades compared to the original VST released in the early 2000's and retired in 2016. In the video i will go through some of the upgrades available as well as a short recap of the history of the first Vanguard. REFX is the company behing known plugins such as : Nexus (Nexus, Nexus 2, Nexus 3 and Nexus 4 - Nexus 4.5) and Vanguard. SEO refx vanguard 2 presets, refx vanguard 2, refx vanguard 2 preview, vanguard 2 refx,refx black friday, refx vanguard 2 vs vanguard 1, refx vanguard 2 tutorial, vanguard 2, whats new in vanguard 2, refx vanguard, refx vanguard 1, vanguard 2, vanguard black friday, vanguard 2 VST, new vanguard, Refx vanguard 2 review, refx, new vst refx, new vst vanguard, vanguard fl studio, fl studio vanguard, fl studio vanguard 2, vst black friday 2022, new vst, fl studio new

Vanguard 2 VS Nexus 4 from REFX


As i got some questions about the differences between Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2, i decided to make a short video, going through some of the differences between the two VSTs. Both are from REFX, but are quite different both in what they do, but also in the price. SEO REFX Nexus 4, Nexus 4 VST plugin, Best presets for Nexus 4, Nexus 4 review, Nexus 4 tutorial, Nexus 4 demo, Nexus 4 sound design, Nexus 4 EDM presets, Nexus 4 hip hop presets, Nexus 4 trap presets, Nexus 4 expansion packs, Nexus 4 soundbank, Nexus 4 sound library, Nexus 4 free presets, Nexus 4 premium presets, Nexus 4 sound quality, Nexus 4 vs Nexus 3, Nexus 4 installation, Nexus 4 activation, Nexus 4 troubleshooting, Nexus 4 beginner's guide, REFX Vanguard 2, Vanguard 2 VST plugin, Best presets for Vanguard 2, Vanguard 2 review, Vanguard 2 tutorial, Vanguard 2 demo, Vanguard 2 sound design, Vanguard 2 EDM presets, Vanguard 2 hip hop presets, Vanguard 2 trap presets, Vanguard 2 expansion packs, Vanguard 2 soundbank, Vanguard 2 sound library, Vanguard 2 free presets, Vanguard 2 premium presets, Vanguard 2 sound quality, Vanguard 2 vs Vanguard 1, Vanguard 2 installation, Vanguard 2 activation, Vanguard 2 troubleshooting, Vanguard 2 beginner's guide, REFX Nexus 4 vs Vanguard 2, Nexus 4 vs Vanguard 2 comparison, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 differences, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 similarities, Nexus 4 or Vanguard 2, which is better?, Best features of Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 sound comparison, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 demo, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 review, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 tutorial, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 sound design, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 EDM presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 hip hop presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 trap presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 expansion packs, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 soundbank, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 sound library, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 free presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 premium presets, Nexus 4 and Vanguard 2 sound quality comparison



Saludos, mi nombre es Baster Beats y bienvenido a Sonido Hip Hop! En este vídeo os enseño uno de los plugins vst con el que trabajo en muchos de mis proyectos instrumentales, se trata del NEXUS 2 lanzado bajo la empresa reFX. Es un instrumento virtual muy completo, principalmente enfocado al género de la música electrónica pero perfectamente utilizable para proyectos de géneros derivados del Hip-Hop. Espero que os guste y que os decidais a añadirlo a vuestro arsenal. ENLACES DE INTERÉS: ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 👉Twitch: 🤍 👉Mi equipo de producción musical: 🤍 👉Web Baster Beats: 🤍 👉Web Sonido Hip Hop: 🤍 👉IG Baster Beats: 🤍 👉IG Sonido Hip Hop: 🤍 👉FB Baster Beats: 🤍 👉FB Sonido Hip Hop: 🤍 👉Email: misonidohiphop (arroba)

Korg Triton VST vs Refx Nexus 3! Which is Better??


A video comparison of Korg Triton versus Refx Nexus 3 VST plugin? Which is the better rompler synth? The Korg Triton VST comes with 4000 presets (including all of the expansion minus the moss board). Nexus 3 comes with 3,500 stock presets (with a mix of some of the one you can get from the expansion that cost $50 each). I weigh in on the features that seperate each other. Which is your favorite? Please leave a comment below! get refx Nexus 3 here 🤍 get the Korg Triton plugin here 🤍 social media links 🤍 [Contact me here for fastest response!] 🤍 🤍 🤍 #refx #Korg #Triton

NEXUS Expansion: Slap House 2


Put your hands up for Slap House 2! Get the newest and hottest Slap House sounds on the market: From Psy Slap, Shuffle Slap, and Fast Slap to Night Drive and Big Room, this one has everything you need to create your next club smasher. What are you waiting for? Turn your Nexus library into a hit-making machine today with Slap House 2! This NEXUS4 expansion is available for purchase at 🤍

NEXUS 4.5 - New Features


Here is the long-awaited 4.5 update (free for NEXUS4 customers) with lots of new features and changes we're sure you'll love. Version history: 🤍

reFX Nexus 4 - Expansion Pack Walkthrough: Vintage Synths with Bartek


This is a walkthrough, of reFX Nexus 4 Expansion Pack: Vintage Synths, showing some sounds and sequences of this wonderful expansion pack... This is like finding a true gem in an antique store! Vintage Synths offers you all of the iconic analog and digital synthesizers of the '70s, '80s, and early '90s. As a longtime collector of the original hardware gear from these decades, Manuel Schleis has spent the last year carefully creating presets and extensively sampling them for further layering in Nexus. Visiting these presets is like joyfully walking down memory lane in a vintage music store. They offer countless nostalgic surprises for producers of all music genres. Score the richest and most robust combination of classic synthesizers you will ever hear in a single expansion pack today! get it now at visit Barteks Channel: 🤍

Nexus 4 Tutorial - REFX


REFX has released an upgrade for the VST plugin Nexus: NEXUS 4. In this video I will show you how to use the librarian page, i.e. the browser, to find and load sounds, we look at the arpeggiator and the trancegate. We take a look at the main effects like reverb, delay, filter and limiter, and we take a first look at the modulation page and the system page. Have fun! Here you can download the mugent player: 🤍 0:49 librarian 10:15 arpeggiator 13:20 trancegate 14:46 effects 17:46 modulation 23:03 system 24:02 Mugent Player #nexus4 #nexustutorial

REFX Vanguard 2 | The Synth I started my Journey with


Get my first preset bank: Vanguard 2 Acids Here 🤍 Finally the long long long awaited Vanguard 2 is finally here and it is just as I remember it. Follow the channel for more videos coming very soon on Vanguard 2. ♩Support Demis Hellen on Patreon: 🤍 ♩Trance Presets Pack Here: 🤍 ♩My Loops Trance Packs: 🤍 ♩Trance Essentials Presets Spire: 🤍 Get a free trial on sample libraries below, and upgrade to a paid subscription helps the Demis Hellen community a little too :) ♩ Splice Sounds Try it free: 🤍 ♩ LoopMasters Samples Here: 🤍 If you enjoyed the video please consider subscribing and dropping a like and comment to share your ideas and thoughts with me. #vanguard2 #refx #vanguard2presets

J-rum - Nexus 2 XP - "Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2" Review [HD]


So...I have been waiting for Refx to drop the Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2 XP for a while now, Im pretty sure your in the same boat as me. If your searching for grungy basses, stereo shaking wubs & leads to create almost instant inspiration...then make sure to check out this expansion. Im back with another expansion review, This is the DEV2 XP is for Nexus 2, and its is top notch! If your looking for more tutorials, and found this one useful please head over to the subscribe tab & and subscribe to my channel. Thumbs up and comments would be great also! I would rate this a solid 10 outta 10!! Please support reFX and actually purchase a license, stop pirating, or sooner or later there will be no good products out. #SupportYourVSTs Catalog, Music, Info - 🤍 Huge shout out to TechSmith! All rights reserved J-rum Music LLC

Refx Nexus 2 Original Vst plugins Review In Hindi || Love Musical Studio


. Love Musical Studio WhatsApp &phone n.. 9368010616 .

REFX Nexus 4.5.1 VST Plugin isn't Terrible but..


REFX Nexus has entered the fourth dimension but only after the 4.5.1 update! Let's be honest, the original update to 4 was lack luster! Now, they've added a few new features like OSC editing, FX routing/arranging, new rom extension 4, preset templates, random preset generator, and more. It's a whole lot better but honestly. A lot of these features been in VST plugins FOREVER but at least Nexus has it now. REFX should look into expanding the sound design features some more to 3rd party developers. That would be nice. Our website: 🤍 0:00 random preset button 0:37 free XP and preset tour 1:41 fx routing 2:28 generator inspector and editing OSC 3:42 new "blackhole" effect and "hold" feature 4:38 added new insert fx "wide mono" 5:39 import and export arpeggio MIDI 6:48 keyzone , loading preset templates, sampler, but no drag n drop?? 8:50 keeping it real #refx #refxnexus #update

What it Sounds Like - REFX Vanguard 2


I picked out a few of my favorite presets from the factory library, the expansions, and some 3rd party banks. These are sounds that appeal to ME, so you're not going to hear a supersawed trance extravaganza (although I do like me a good supersaw). The skin I used is my "Polar" skin which does not come with the plugin. My review: Vanguard 2 looks great, it sounds fantastic, you can pretty easily avoid "the vanguard sound", and it's not complicated. The preset browser is pretty good, you can import the old Vanguard 1 soundbanks, installation was a breeze (with their portal), and it is extremely CPU friendly. A bit too expensive for what it is (I mean, it is essentially Vanguard 1), and the number of NEW presets is way too low. They're most likely going to to offer preset expansions in the future, but before they do that I highly suggest they add more modern (not Trance from 2004) presets first, and for FREE. The reverb and volume on most of the presets is highly inconsistent and most of the time it's way too much and way too loud. The new dark V2 skin is too ugly, but they included the Classic skin which is much better, but I would appreciate color variations. Customizing your own skin is not that difficult. The sound is probably more wide and sparkly then it is heavy and fat. More digital than analogue. But that's ok because it's different. I'd say it kind of sounds like Sylenth and Thorn, although less heavy and thick. Lots of legacy sounds included which sound like legacy sounds, and you have to weed out the good from the bad, but even the bad ones can turn to good with a little bit of tweaking. That usually means turning the reverb WAAAAAAY down and lowering the detune/unison/stereo spread. Modulation is pre-wired and relatively simple. I like how you can have your avatar up in the header. The skin browser is great and easy. You dont have to close the plugin when you apply a new skin. I like that you can favorite things on the front page. Wish the oscillator selector had forward/back arrows (please!). I'd also appreciate some sort of warmifier (maybe a simple EQ) because sometimes the sound is a little too harsh. Vanguard 2 needs a few more features to bring into the future, but it's a good start. Would have been received more positively at a lower price - $59 would have been just right. Overall, I'd say it's a solid synth, and one I can see myself using. 7.5 out of 10 - The legend returns! This is not just remastered; This is remade, enhanced, and improved. A new, cleaner UI. Ten new wavetables, two new filter-types, new delay-type, a completely new reverb, a new distortion FX, synced LFOs, etc. Also, 136 completely new factory presets have been built. All Vanguard expansion previously sold on reFX are included for free. #refx #vanguard #trance

reFX Nexus 2 VST Sound Demo


This is a basic demonstration going over some of the presets and sounds within the Nexus 2 VST by reFX. Melodies were generated in FL Studio with the Riff Machine to save time and since it works well for demonstration purposes. The object of the video is simply to show how various notes sound. You can read more on their website 🤍

Nexus 2 Sounds Review


Nexus2 Review

Review: ReFX Nexus


Follow me on soundcloud 🤍 A Review and Demo Of the Nexus Synthesizer. Covers the evelopes, filters, fx, modulation, arpegiator, gate and browser sections of the Nexus interface.

ReFX Nexus 2 | Pad Presets


ReFX Nexus 2 | Pad Presets Created by reFX, Nexus2 is an all-in-one ROMpler filled with a seemingly endless number of production-ready sounds. It provides an easily accessible library of instruments that allows you to create high quality songs quickly and efficiently. * Electronic documentation (online) * 1,555 sound-presets divided into 24 categories * 1,397 multi-samples (~9 GB uncompressed, 6.2 GB compressed) * 119 arpeggiator-presets * 95 effect-presets * 52 trancegate-presets My Nexus Playlists ►N2: 🤍 ►N3: 🤍 ►N4: 🤍 Welcome on my channel, the right place for my fans and all producers. Subscribe and stay informed about my newest music releases, synths, vst plugins and expansions. I would like to thank all companies for their OFFICIAL PERMISSION to present their products. Roland, Rob Papen, HY-Plugins, TAL Software, Synapse Audio, U-he, ReFX, Vengeance Sound, Native Instruments, Sonic Projects, Sonic Academy, Devious Machines, Steinberg, Arturia, Cherry Audio, Beatmaker, Access Music, Tone2, Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity, Spectrasonics, Parawave, IK-Multimedia, Reason Studios. Few visitor countries: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Brasil, Spain, India, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Argentina, Belgium, Indonesia, Switzerland, Chile, Hungary, Finland, Israel, Norway, Greece, South Africa, Czechia, Romania, Austria, Portugal, New Zeeland and many more.... Find me also here: ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Beatport: 🤍 ► Spotify: 🤍 ► Amazon: 🤍 ► Deezer: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 and at all digital music stores. #refxnexus #synthesizer #nexus2

J-rum - Nexus 2 XP "Dubstep-Electro Vol. 1" Review


Hey guys, im back with another expansion review, This is the Dubstep-Electro expansion for nexus 2, and its FKN SICK!!! I would rate this a solid 9 outta 10!! Please support reFX and actually purchase a license, stop pirating, or sooner or later there will be no good products out. #SupportYourVSTs Check out my beats at 🤍 All rights reserved J-rum Music LLC



Review sobre Refx Nexus 2 para 🤍 Se trata de un vídeo en directo realizado en google plus a través de los Hangouts.

J-rum - Nexus 2 XP "Hollywood" Review/Demo


Hey guys, im trying to get a new series going on expansion reviews and other software plugins etc... I do need help with getting audio coming from inside my cpu and not through my webcam, any ideas or tips would help. Ive tried everything and i cant seem to get the audio to work how i want it to. P.S. my editing sucks and I will working on my making it more professional. Thanks so much! Please support reFX and actually purchase a license, stop pirating, or sooner or later there will be no good products out. #SupportYourVSTs Check out my beats at 🤍 Shout out to I would rate this expansion a 8 outta 10. Very useful and wonderful sounds.

Refx Nexus 2 - Favourite Pad Sounds by Vanderson


some examples of my favourite pad sounds from Nexus 2. Ambient/cosmic soundscapes ideal for electronic music. Sounds taken from Bigtone Signature 1 - 3 expansions.

Free Nexus 4 grieta Installer 2023 ReFx Nexus 4 grieta Download


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