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Serious Sam 4's Incredible Fan-Made Remaster


Serious Sacor and Danny S. have modified two Serious Sam 4 maps to realize the full potential of the game. New enemies, new mechanics and plenty of gorgeous new visuals. This mod is a true game changer. Hey Croteam, hire these men! ► Serious Sam videos by FrameRater: 🤍 ► More reviews: 🤍 • Channel Membership: 🤍 • Patreon Support: 🤍 • Discord Group: 🤍 • Follow the Twitter for updates: 🤍 #serioussam #serioussamhd #devolverdigital

NSKuber's Resource Manager - Serious Sam 4 mod


Workshop link: 🤍 NSKuber's Resource Manager (NRM) is a mod which allows you to obtain certain resources in the game (weapons/upgrades/gadgets), configure the stats of weapons and set an enemy multiplier (slightly different from the one provided by Croteam).

Serious Sam Fusion's Featured Mods


These were fun. play them yourself =) looking back at it... I don't think she did pump ;)

Serious Sam 4 Dunes Remake Mod


A remaster of Dunes from Serious Sam The First Encounter. DOWNLOAD : 🤍

SERIOUS SAM 4 - Monsters Weapons


Станьте спонсором данного канала! Вместе мы сможем сделать канал лучше и наше серьёзное братство станет больше) Я прохожу различные моды к serious sam, которые я нахожу в мастерской steam . Мой канал 🤍 Узнать о спонсорстве 🤍

Serious Sam's Impressive DOOM Port | Serious DOOM


Despite major progress, this project was unfortunately cancelled on February 16th, 2023. The demo remains available on Serious Sam Fusion's workshop. Danny has done a stellar job bringing the chaotic battles of DOOM into Serious Sam Fusion, with some added spunk to give you a suitably refreshing appetizer before the main course. Check it out now in the Serious Sam Fusion workshop / mod page on Steam. ► Serious Sam videos by FrameRater: 🤍 ► More reviews: 🤍 • Channel Membership: 🤍 • Patreon Support: 🤍 • FR Merch: 🤍 • Follow the Twitter for updates: 🤍 #doometernal #doom2016 #serioussam

The Workshop Update 1.08 - Serious Sam 4


Video presenting a few mods from the Workshop update as well as a few other things.

Serious Sam 4 Weapon Pack for Serious Sam 2 (MOD)


Features: -Serious Sam 4 weapons replacing SS2 weapons with exceptions for Klodovik, Serious Bomb, Chainsaw and Zapgun. -Burner from Siberian Mayhem included as replacement for Beamgun -Original Assets, excluding Animations for few weapons which had to be reanimated. -HUD Icons for Weapons and Ammo Icons. How to install: -Drag ZZZ_SS4WeaponPack.gro into (steamliblocation)/common/Serious Sam 2/ Created(Ported) by: -SashexSRB Assets: Serious Sam 4, Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Credits: -Croteam -Timelock Studio DOWNLOAD LINK: 🤍

Serious Sam 4 Thebes - Karnak (Demo) Remake Mod


A remake of Karnak from Serious Sam: TFE DOWNLOAD: 🤍

Serious Sam 4 (Modded 2021) – Ep.0: Setup


➡️ Collection of mods in this series: 🤍 In this series, I'll through my collection of mods available until 2021 in the Steam Workshop: This year it's Serious Sam 4, using the Reworked mod as base campaign (at the time of recording, goes until level 8) and other smaller mods ➡️ Twitch: 🤍 ➡️ Instagram: 🤍 ➡️ Discord: 🤍 Recording: OBS Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro (video); Canva (thumbnail) Music: 🤍; AudioHero Sound Effects: 🤍; AudioHero, Soundbible Vectors: (from pngtree) Frecce - aaaa Emoji - CHENXIN Dialogo2 - 千图网 (from Pixabay) Bandiere - Sinisa Maric

Serious Sam 3: BFE Devolved - The Mod That Fixes Serious Sam 3


#serioussam #croteam #fps Serious Sam 3: BFE is my least favourite mainline game in the Serious Sam series, at least it was until I tried Serious Sam 3: BFE Devolved. This mod fixes pretty much all the issues I had with this game and in this video I want to talk about why I like it so much.

Серьезные Приключения Дио! Serious Sam: Dio's Bizarre Encounter!


▼▼▼▼▼ЧИТАЙ ИНФОРМАЦИЮ▼▼▼▼▼ Сегодня мы соединим два франчайза, о слиянии которых никто бы и не подумал - Serious Sam и Jojo's Bizarre Adventures! И все этом благодаря моду, который добавляет ДИО в качестве нового персонажа, со своими способностями, стандом и ножами! Мод: 🤍 Спасибо за просмотр!

"Serious sam 4 mods suck"


Serious sacor knows how to make a god damn good mod....

Step into the Dark - Serious Sam 4 Reborn #1 - Full Mod (2K)


This is a walkthrough of the Serious Sam 4 mod called Reborn. This is the first chapter called Step into the Dark. This video is recorded in 2K 1440p and 60 FPS. ► Please subscribe if you liked, thanks! ► Support on Patreon? :) 🤍 ► Get The Mod: 🤍 Social ● YouTube: 🤍 ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Twitter: 🤍

Reviewing Serious Sam 2 MODS | The DwK Projects


Let's take a look at some mods that got a guy hired at Croteam. Also included is a look at the official 2021 Serious Sam update; 2.090 / 2.091. ► Serious Sam videos by FrameRater: 🤍 • Channel Membership: 🤍 • Patreon Support: 🤍 • Discord Group: 🤍 • FR Merch: 🤍 • Follow the Twitter for updates: 🤍 0:00 - Intro 1:51 - InSamnity! 2 4:27 - Serious Sam Forever 16:07 - Official 2021 Update 22:28 - Conclusion Background Music: Serious Sam 1/2/Advance Soundtrack TODAY'S INTRO BY Max RadishOne: 🤍 #serioussam2 #croteam #devolverdigital

Serious Sam 4: The Shattered Isles (Serious 100%)


Before you read any further, this map is amazing and you should play it right now. Seriously, stop watching the video and play it first to avoid spoilers as there are quite a few. The Shattered Isles was created by RFC & phoenix. The gist is you're sent to an EDF research base to secure an enhanced mech which will supposedly help aid humanity in their fight against Mental. There's also a pretty interesting side objective which I won't spoil, but let's just say it has something to do with teleporters. So what can you expect from this map? A beautiful soundtrack, gorgeous environments to fight across, about 45 min - 1 hour to beat if going for all optional areas & secrets, a really cool boss fight, and tons of challenging battles that will put your limited arsenal to the test. Really, I can't give enough praise to RFC & phoenix for the amount of detail and charm crammed into this map; it genuinely feels like a full fledged campaign even though it's relatively short which just goes to show how much polish the map has. Probably my favorite fight of the map is the final one that takes place before the boss. If you explored the map thoroughly, you should have all the weapons and a decent amount of equipment which makes this fight highly enjoyable to play. Thank you RFC & phoenix for making this, it truly is one of the most incredible experiences I've had in SS4 so far and I hope the cliffhanger at the end wasn't just a joke, I'd love to see this continued. Thanks again for watching and as always, stay Serious! The Shattered Isles by RFC & phoenix: 🤍 Serious Mods for Serious People: 🤍

Serious Sam 4 & SM Modding Experience Animations Showcase


Well ehm...i think i'm done with modding *unless a miracle happens* so i've decided to make a showcase out of all the weapons i've did for Sam 4 and Siberian Mayhem inside the workshop. I'm responsible for the rigs, animations, the suffer while managing to properly import and export stuff and basically anything else in-Editor related. There's also asymmetrical Dual Wielding animation sets for all the weapons but that's the least exciting part to show All the credits for the Models, Textures, Sounds or any other asset goes to their respective creators!

Serious Sam 4 Mod: The Shrine (All Secrets, No Deaths, Serious Difficulty)


Title might be a bit misleading since I haven't found the Mega Secret yet, will re-upload as soon as I find it. In the meantime I wanted to showcase another brilliant map by ThanadraxICream (same person who did Howling Mountain). It's a fairly long map with lots of secret areas, getting 14/15 secrets grants an alternate map ending which is much harder than the original and 15/15 according to the map author unlocks a mega secret which is super well hidden. If you see me standing still for a while after getting out of the water it's because the freezing water mechanic is jank, even if you're out of the water and you can't see the bar, it continues to drop all the way before recharging. If you go back in the water too soon it will still be at 0 and you immediately take 20 - 40 damage. Also based off other gameplay vids I've seen having automatic weapon switching turned off breaks the first fight. When you pick up the Super Shotgun, it's supposed to play a unique animation and 3 Gnaar plus the 3 Drones are supposed to spawn in. I hate my weapons being switched for me so I have it turned off and therefore the 3 Gnaar don't show up. If someone knows where the mega secret is, please feel free to leave me a hint since I've spent over 3 hours scouring the island for it already and as always if you want to try the map for yourself check out the link below. 🤍

Serious Sam 3 and Serious Sam 4 SNPCs pack fighting | Garry's mod


Serious Sam 3 SNPCs pack: 🤍 Serious Sam 3 SWEPs pack: 🤍 Serious Sam 4 NextBot pack: 🤍

Play as Serious Sam 4 monsters | Garry's mod


Serious Sam 3 SNPCs pack: 🤍 Serious Sam 3 SWEPs pack: 🤍 Serious Sam 4 NextBot pack: 🤍

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem - City of The Pyramids by Neiser (Serious 100% with Commentary)


This video contains spoilers: beat the map before viewing, thank you. Merry Christmas guys! On this day, I bring to you a new map created by Neiser for Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem! City of The Pyramids is an Egyptian themed level created from various assets provided by TL studios that features fun fights, gorgeous visuals, and classic style secrets to find! Blaze your way through this must play mod in Single Player or have some friends join in for exhilarating COOP shenanigans! Obviously I have a strong bias towards liking Neiser's maps; I believe he's very talented and he's also been a great friend to me since we first crossed paths. Biases aside though, I strongly consider this to be the single greatest map on the Siberian Mayhem workshop at the moment. I urge everyone to give this map a playthrough and I also urge that you refrain from watching this video until you've beaten it. Thanks again for watching, Merry Christmas, and as always, stay Serious! City of The Pyramids by Neiser: 🤍

Reviewing MORE Serious Sam 2 MODS | Community Projects


The final piece of our two-part Serious Sam 2 mod special! Today we're taking a look at Classic Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam 2 Renovation, Serious Sam 2 Overhaul... and a bonus! ► Serious Sam videos by FrameRater: 🤍 • Channel Membership: 🤍 • Patreon Support: 🤍 • Discord Group: 🤍 • FR Merch: 🤍 • Follow the Twitter for updates: 🤍 0:00 - Intro 0:29 - Classic Serious Sam 2 5:38 - Classic Serious Sam 2 (Arcade Maps) 9:09 - Serious Sam 2 Renovation 11:47 - Serious Sam 2 Overhaul 14:10 - Serious Sam 2 Xbox on PC 15:43 - Closing Thoughts TODAY'S INTRO BY Mistress Dove: 🤍 #serioussam2 #croteam #devolverdigital

Ultra-Multirocket - Serious Sam 4 mod


Workshop link: 🤍 Ultra-Multirocket modifies the Multirocket attachment for the Rocket Launcher, raising the maximum count of loaded rockets from 5 to 15.

Serious Carnage mod in Serious Sam 4


This mod allows you to modify enemy count multipliers, weapon and player stats! Find the download link and instructions here: 🤍 Скачать мод и прочитать инструкцию на русском можно по ссылке: 🤍

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is Seriously Good


Go To Express VPN To Get 3 Months Free: 🤍 My GOG Affiliate Link: 🤍 Get 12% off your next SteelSeries order with promo code "GMAN" Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Outro animation by SGURK: 🤍 Outro music by Good Malware: 🤍 #serioussam #devolverdigital #gaming 0:00 Intro & Opening Remarks 04:58 The Campaign - Level 1 09:10 The Campaign - Level 2 & 3 13:03 The Visuals 14:40 The Campaign - Level 4 18:32 Final Campaign Level & Closing Remarks 21:06 Express VPN Spot 22:12 Amazingly Awesome Patrons

Serious Sam 4 - ALL WEAPONS | Rating The Entire Ridiculous Arsenal


SERIOUS SAM 4 weapon guide and gameplay showcase for every gun / gadget in the game. One-liners, nuke launchers, black hole devices, famous movie quotes, cannons, and... AAAAAAAAAH! ENJOY MY GAME-MECHANICS FOCUS? THIS HELPS: 🤍 I also do some “micro” gaming videos over on Twitter 🤍BoomstickAlex 🤍 Access to Serious Sam 4 was provided by Devolver Digital. Find out more here: 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:16 Black Hole 00:47 SBC Cannon 01:10 Time Warp 01:35 XL2 Laser 01:58 XM214-A Minigun 02:23 Mini-Nuke 02:45 Double Barrel Coach Gun 03:10 Holodecoy 03:31 Intermission 03:58 XPML21 Rocket Launcher 04:23 Combat Knife 04:39 Hacked Drone 05:00 Autoshotgun 05:19 C-4 Demolition Charge 05:40 L.I.F.E. 05:51 M29 Infantry Assault Rifle 06:08 Grenade Launcher 06:26 Psychotropic Grenade 06:44 H.E.A.R.T. 06:56 FRPCL 07:20 Rage Serum 07:37 A-24 Devastator 07:59 SOP38 Semiautomatic Pistol 08:25 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun 08:48 Raptor 16mm Sniper Rifle 09:10 Outro #SeriousSam #Weapons #Gameplay

PIKD-4000 (Monster Spawning gun) - Serious Sam 4 mod


Workshop link: 🤍 PIKD (Portable Individual Kamikaze Dispenser) weapon series is expanded with the new 4000 entry! Spawn allied monsters and lead them to victory in the battle against mental!

Serious Duke 3D - Duke Nukem 3D: L.A. Meltdown remake - Full playthrough - Serious Sam 3 BFE mod


(English below) Serious Duke 3D es un remake del primer episodio de Duke Nukem 3D: L.A. Meltdown, hecho con el motor de Serious Sam 3, lo que implica niveles visualmente mucho más modernos y detallados. Pero no se limita a eso, sino que añade zonas nuevas, siendo muchas de ella guiños de otros juegos de Duke Nukem. En general, un buen remake, me ha gustado mucho, mola poder jugar a esos niveles con gráficos actualizados, y ampliados con nuevas zonas, si bien al ser un trabajo hecho por fans obviamente no es perfecto, y encontramos fallos aquí y allá. Lo peor son los bugs que te echan con un error o directamente te impiden continuar, el 3er nivel, Toxic Dump, lo he tenido que empezar varias veces por esto. De todas formas, no he tenido bugs graves en los demás niveles. Para jugarlo, necesitamos Serious Sam 3: BFE en Steam, además de Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta). Entonces nos vamos a la Workshop de este último, elegimos la pestaña "Con más suscriptores" y ahí tendremos los 5 niveles, tan solo tenemos que suscribirnos a cada uno de ellos, y se descargarán. Ya solo queda iniciar Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta) en "moddable version", y tendremos disponibles Serious Duke 3D entre las campañas a elegir. Este mod puede jugarse también en VR, si tienes la versión VR de Serious Sam 3. - Serious Duke 3D is a remake of the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D: L.A. Meltdown, made with the Serious Sam 3 engine, which implies much more visually modern and detailed levels. But it's not limited to that, but adds new areas, many of them being winks from other Duke Nukem games. Overall, a good remake, I liked it a lot, it's cool to play those levels with updated graphics, and expanded with new areas, although being a work made by fans it's obviously not perfect, and you can find bugs here and there. The worst are the bugs that throw you out with an error or directly prevent you from continuing, in the 3rd level, Toxic Dump, I had to start it several times because of this. I haven't had serious bugs in the other levels. To play it, you need Serious Sam 3: BFE on Steam, in addition to Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta). Then we go to the Workshop of the latter, choose the tab "With more subscribers" and there will be the 5 levels, you just have to subscribe to each of them, and they will be downloaded. Now you just have to start Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta) in "moddable version", and you will have available Serious Duke 3D among the campaigns to choose. This mod can also be played in VR, in case you have the VR version of Serious Sam 3. 🤍 🤍

Serious Sam 4 - Death From Below (4K 60FPS | W/ Mods)


Serious Sam 4 - Death From Below (4K 60FPS | W/ Mods) #gameplay #gaming #serioussam

Serious Sam 4 Custom Map Mod - Howling Mountain


A amazing and long custom map created by Thanadrax|Cream DOWNLOAD: 🤍

4K [Серьезные Моды] Serious Sam 4 - Thebes Demo Karnak | В поисках булок! [619/622]


Сегодня познакомимся с уже ставшей классикой демо версий Карнак, но на базе 4го крутого Сэма! Эта модификация содержит в себе неповторимый оригинал и кое-что новое, давайте поиграем в это! Нужны все секреты в Первом пришествии? Ссылка на гайд ниже. Ссылка на Руководство: 🤍 Need all the secrets in the First Coming? Link to guide below. Link to Guide: 🤍 !!! СЕКРЕТЫ - SECRETS!!! Секрет 1 - 3:50 Секрет 2 - 9:09 Секрет 3 - 25:20 Секрет 4 - 11:59 17:55 32:25 37:30 Секрет 5 - 44:45 Секрет 6 - 45:20 Секрет 7 - 41:25 41:35 45:45 Секрет 8 - 52:30 Секрет 9 - 1:01:33 Секрет 10 - 1:02:43 Ссылка на мод: 🤍 ▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄ Материальная поддержка канала : ✌✌✌ 🤍 ✌✌✌ 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻 🤍 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻 【 Немного обо мне и канале】 ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ Здорова народ меня зовут Дмитрий , больше известный как Hugo на просторах интернета. Я заядлый геймер и разбавляю своё главное увлечение ведением канала на YouTube и стримами на Twitch. В основном люблю играть в классические шутеры от первого лица, такие как Serious Sam, DOOM, Payday 2 и тд. Безумно люблю атмосферные игры такие как S.T.A.L.K.E.R., METRO, Fallout и всё что связанно с постапокалипсисом, а так же космосом. Так же обожаю гоночные аркады по типу Need For Seed, FlatOut, Crashday и тд. На канале вы сможете найти полные прохождения выше перечисленных игр на максимальной сложности со сбором всех секретов и пасхалок. Плейлисты потихоньку пополняются новыми сериями и так же альтернативными видео на разные тематики. Думаю каждый кто хоть раз был знаком с данными проектами найдёт на канале место где сможет приятно провести время под кружечку горячего чая, буду рад видеть вас в комментариях и побеседовать с вами на разные темы и вопросы. ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰ Ссылки на другие источники и соц. сети: ★Твич канал : 🤍 ★Группа в VK :🤍 ★ Группа в стиме :🤍 ★ Инстаграм : 🤍 ★ Я в VK: 🤍 ★ Мой Ник в Steam: Magnificence /\ Hugo://YouTube : 🤍 ▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰▰ #HugoFamily #SeriousSam4 #SeriousSamMods

Не ждали такого от Serious Sam 4 [Обзор]


• Комментарии и обсуждения — 🤍 • Ещё больше обзоров — 🤍 Серьёзный Сэм всегда нёс клеймо «бездумного мясного шутера». Это, знаете ли, очень ловкий приём, ведь любые претензии к игре просто бьются об этот тезис. Однако мы решили, что пора выкинуть его за рамки обсуждения и серьёзно поговорить о том, что из себя представляет серия в 2020 году. • Страница игры — 🤍 * Все видеообзоры игр - 🤍 Расписание эфиров - 🤍 Все записи трансляций - 🤍 Игры на - 🤍 Футболки от StopGame - 🤍 Мы ВКонтакте - 🤍 Мы в Steam - 🤍 Мы в Facebook - 🤍 Мы в Twitter - 🤍 Мы в Telegram - 🤍 Мы в Instagram - 🤍 Прямые трансляции на YouTube - 🤍 Прямые трансляции на Twitch - 🤍

Serious Sam 4 - Power Ups Restoration Mod [ Resource ]


Get the mod on the workshop: 🤍

Serious Sam 4 - Anathema Unto God (4K 60FPS | W/ Mods)


Serious Sam 4 - Anathema Unto God (4K 60FPS | W/ Mods) #gameplay #gaming #serioussam

Serious Sam SM - Custom Map - City of the Pyramids


Mods - City of the Pyramids 🤍 Other Player: 🤍GooSerious Game Configuration - Base Difficulty: Serious - Enemy Multiplier: None - Enemy Multiplier Per Player: None - Weapons Stay: No - Infinite Ammo: No - Ammo Stays: No - Allow Health Items: Yes - Health Stays: No - Allow Armor Items: Yes - Armor Stays: No - Respawn Credits: No Respawn - Friendly Fire: No - Respawn Time Penalty Increase: Disabled - Extra Enemy Strength: 0% - Extra Enemy Strength Per Player: 0% - Respawn In Place: No - Invulnerable After Spawning: 0

DIO's Bizarre Encounter - Release Trailer


Download: 🤍 Русификатор: 🤍 Play as DIO - a regenerating vampire, who possesses one of the most powerful stands 'The World', which can stop time! Fight your way through hordes of monsters in central America, Mesopotamia and medieval Europe, and ensure your dominance over the world! (Compatible with default ingame and community-created maps); Modification by SeriousAlexej;

Serious Sam 4 Weapons Comparison (Fusion Weapon Pack) (Outdated build)


Today I wanted to try something a bit different and compare SS4's weapons to a newly released SS4 weapons pack for Fusion made by M1L1tarist & Bazar. They both did an excellent job at recreating the look and feel of SS4's weapons in Fusion, and of course due to the limitation of the engine, there's a few inconsistencies. Obviously, there aren't any weapon mods and the chainsaw launcher is absent, but there's a few smaller details not described on the workshop page I found interesting and wanted to share. For starters, you can't attack while sprinting with the knife and the knife is no longer able to kill Kleers in one shot. In addition, auto-fire is enabled for the knife (meaning you can hold down the attack key) whereas in SS4 you have to manually press the trigger each time you want to attack. The sniper rifle behaves like an automatic version of TSE's sniper rifle with no spread and lower damage when unscoped but deals full damage when scoped in. The SS4 sniper on the other hand deals full damage when unscoped but is largely inaccurate. The Super Shotgun's fire rate has been mimicked to near perfection, however there's either a lack of pellets or severe damage dropoff at range when compared to SS4's SSG. Autoshotgun seems to have a slightly slower fire rate and the weapon is considered fully loaded before the magazine re-enters the shotgun. Devastator has same oddities with the reload animation but fire rate feels correct. The Minigun's fire rate is correct but ammo cap is at 500 instead of 1000. In addition, ammo pickups only give 100 rounds instead of 200. Edit: Minigun now has unique ammo pickups and is capped at 1000 rounds like its SS4 counterpart Autoshotgun’s fire rate now seems more accurate to its SS4 counterpart. Aside from these minor details, not much else really stood out. They both did an excellent job remaking SS4's weapons within the limitations of Fusion's engine and I'm sure most of these inconsistencies are a result of that. Also, apologies for the lack of editing; I normally don't do this kind of stuff but thought it was worth sharing. Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed. Thanks again for watching and as always, stay Serious! SS4 Weapons Pack for Fusion by M1L1tarist & Bazar: 🤍 Misc mods used for Fusion: 🤍 Misc mods used for SS4: 🤍 P.S. I didn't have the SS4R weapons pack installed when doing weapon drills in SS4, just some of the other cosmetic mods like SS3 sights, etc.

Como usar Trucos, Claves, Codigos Serious Sam The First y Second Encounter - PC Windows - En Corcho


Algún nivel de Serious Sam The First y Second Encounter es imposible de pasar? Aquí te damos una mano para que puedas continuar con juego, ya que en algunas ocasiones parece que los niveles de Serious Sam se les paso la mano... Estos trucos sirven solamente para las versiones de Serious Sam The First y Second Encounter de PC Mientras estás jugando pulsa la tecla F1 o ° para acceder a la consola. Teclea uno de los siguientes códigos y pulsa Enter. -please god, modo Dios -please giveall, todos los objetos -please open, todas las puertas abiertas -please fly, volar -please ghost, Atravesar muros y paredes -please invisible, Invisibilidad -please killall : Matar a todos los enemigos. please tellall : Muestra todos los mensajes desde Netricsa -please refresh, vida cht_bGod : Modo Dios cht_bGiveAll : Todas las armas y objetos cht_bRefresh : Vida al completo cht_bGhost : Clipping activado, atravesar muros y paredes tambien puedes desactivarlo. cht_bInvisible : Invisibilidad cht_bFly : Modo vuelo #SeriousSam #Trucos #Claves #Cheats 0:48 Modo dios 1:40 Todas las armas y objetos 2:40 Matar enemigos 3:19 Mensajes netricsa 3:53 Modo vuelo 4:35 Abrir puertas 4:56 Modo fantasma 5:33 Modo invisible 6:21 Vida el 100 En corcho los descubrirás! Subimos vídeos los días Jueves, Viernes, Sábados, Domingos, Lunes y Martes :D Visita nuestro Instagram: 🤍 Historia de Blood: 🤍 Historia de Doom: 🤍 Historia de Quake: 🤍 Historia de Wolfenstein 3D: 🤍 Reseña de Blood: 🤍 Reseña de Doom: 🤍 Esto es Quake 1: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Doom parte 1: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Doom parte 2: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Doom parte 3: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Quake parte 1: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Quake parte 2: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Blood parte 1: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Blood parte 2: 🤍 35 Curiosidades de la Saga de Wolfenstein: 🤍 Descargar e instalar Doom 1 🤍 Descargar e instalar Doom 2 🤍 Descargar e instalar Blood 1 🤍 Descargar e instalar Quake 1 🤍 Descargar e instalar Wolfenstein 3D 🤍 Instalar MODS a Doom 1 y 2 🤍

Serious Sam 4 Mod: Mental's City (Serious 100%, Deathless)


This map, and the custom OST, was created by Mental Mode. All I have to say is wow. This map is incredible and a step up in quality from anything Mental Mode has created so far, not to say his previous works are bad but this is for sure the best map he's created so far. The Quake 3 inspired arena battle before the final battle is awesome with lots of jump pads and teleporters to help you stay alive and get the drop on your enemies. Probably the trickiest fight is the double staircase leading up to the boss arena. Also the aesthetics and music are awesome and the soundtrack for the boss fight is the most metal thing I've heard in awhile; I love it! Not even joking when I say I'd pay to own the music Mental Mode produces, it's very good stuff. Honestly there's not much to fault. It looks good, plays good, and has a really good soundtrack. Easy recommendation for anyone looking to have a good time. Check out the map here: 🤍 OST posted by Mental Mode here: 🤍

Serious Sam 3 Devolved | Mod Trailer


Serious Sam BFE Devolved is a modification for Serious Sam 3: BFE that focuses on bringing classic Serious Sam 1 gameplay to BFE's campaign. The aim is to make the game's flow and pacing closer to the Classic's while maintaining BFE's gritty style. No reloading, no aiming, no slow and tedious levels, Frantic Action Feeling - this is Serious Sam at its core. This mod is made for Serious Sam Fusion 2017! You can download it here: 🤍 Serious Sam 3 Devolved mod made by Nitronik. Serious Sam 3 Devolved | Mod Trailer made by Laki.

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