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Zen Zen Zense - Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) OST [Piano]


Sheet music → 🤍 I might be 3 years too late but I have finally uploaded my piano arrangement of Zen Zen Zense, from the 2016 Anime Movie Kimi no Na wa. I have improvised this piece many times during my Animenz Live concerts in 2017 and 2018 but each performance was slightly different, because I was always trying out new ideas for my arrangement. This version is the "final version" of Zen Zen Zense and it's basically a combination of all my improvisation ideas from the past 2 years. It features an Prologue and Epilogue part, an extended final chorus and many rhythmic and melodic variations. The main idea for this arrangement is the long silence after the "drum break" at 4:00. In this very moment, the listener has travelled to the past to relive his old memories. The melody seems to come from a far away place and for a short moment, the music has come to a complete standstill. The music slowly starts to pick up pace again and finally at 4:47 the listener has returned to the present time again with the final chorus, played by the right hand. I thought it would be a good way to convey the story of the movie (which involves some time travel) in the music as well. BTW during my live concerts, some people actually started clapping at the long silence at 4:02 because they thought the music has ended already. I thought it was quite funny, haha. Alright then. My Animenz Live 2019 Concert tour in China and South Korea begins at 3rd July and I can't wait to play on the stage again! I will be back again on YouTube after the final concert. And if you are interested, you can follow my twitter account to see the latest updates for my Animenz Live activities! See you again! (´・ω・`) Animenz ↓Anime Piano Music playlists by genre are available here↓ Thank you for subscribing, I appreciate your support! (´・ω・`) 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow me on Twitter! 🤍 Follow me on Facebook! 🤍 I am using Instagram as well! 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Piano arrangement by Animenz Original Song: Zen Zen Zense / 前前前世 Anime: Kimi no na wa. / 君の名は。 Published by: EMI Records Japan Composed by: Yojiro Noda Performed by: RADWIMPS #YourName #KiminoNawa #ZenZenZenSe #MakotoShinkai #RADWIMPS

[Animenz] Kimi no Na wa OST - Zen Zen Zense - Piano Tutorial || Synthesia


So yeah I changed my youtube name... that was because it wasn't a very good one and also my channel wouldn't come up when searched. The channel logo, banner, profile picture are all thanks to HayashiPiano 🤍

Your Name - Zen Zen Zense (Animenz's version) Piano Visualizer


Zen Zen Zense From Kimi No Na Wa Director: Shinkai Makoto Original Artist: Radwimps Solo Piano Arrangement by Animenz © Image from Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Sheet Music: 🤍 Recommended Level: AmusA or above

Zenzenzense - Your name OST (Improvised by Animenz)


Animenz Meet up 2019 in South Korea

Zenzenzense Animenz Toronto 2018


Kimi no Na wa OST Original artist: RADWIMPS Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts

[Animenz ] Your Name. - Zen Zen Zense (Advanced Piano Solo) | Kyokion


Make sure to subscribe and hit the 🔔 to be notified of new covers! Consider supporting me on Buy Me a Coffee! 🤍 Based on Animenz's arrangement. #piano #tutorial #howto #music #cover #yourname #zenzenzense

Zenzenzense Animenz seoul 2019


Zen Zen Zense - Kimi no Nawa Main Theme [Animenz Piano 2018]


In my previous video, I promised another Animenz transcription, so here it is~ Before I started this transcription of Zen Zen Zense , There was a lot debate for myself whether I should do Animenz' Zen Zen or his Secret Base cover that he played during his Toronto 2018 concert. Because, first of all, I knew that even by doing one full sized transcription I would burn myself out before being able to do another upload *Last Stardust Flashbacks*. Thus, I could only choose to do one and save the other (one that I didn't decide to do) for later. Another reason why I debated doing one over the other is because Chris Luan had already done a Zen Zen Zense transcription with hype building up on his channel for over the course of around 5 months. (Sorry Chris~ :p) In the end, I just said I wanted to do Zen Zen Zense because this song has became my poison for the last several weeks/ since mid-late October. Having an ''ear-worm'' for a song/cover is always one of the first signs that I notice before committing to making a piano sheet. But... I can't say that for my planned release of Release my Soul from Guilty Crown though...Ah well... *sign* I think it might be time for a small break again. But, as usual, next upload will most likely be an Anime Piano related upload. Maybe even a ''bigger'' project this time around sometime this month... We'll see... As always original sources will always be on the bottom. Until then~ Original Performance of Zen Zen Zense by Animenz: 🤍 Original Song: 🤍 From the Series: Kimi No Nawa Song: Zen Zen Zense Original Composer: Yojiro Noda Original Artist: RADWIMPS Piano Solo Arranged by: Animenz Transcribed by: MacQui

[Revamped] Zen Zen Zense - Kimi no Nawa Main Theme [Animenz Piano 2018]


It's finally here after months of procrastinating! The revamped project for Animenz' Zen Zen Zense (2018) is finally here! It's one of my most absolutely favorite transcriptions and improvisations, alongside 'All Alone With You'. I can finally make an upload to do this transcription justice too, with all sorts of changes to it quality in it's entirety. Not going to type a 1000+ character wall of text this time around, because I still gotta get the final transcription off of my 'transcriptions to clean up log' finished. The next transcription won't be one of Animenz' recent uploads, but a quite older upload of his instead. Please look forward to it! Original Performance of Zen Zen Zense by Animenz: 🤍 Original Song: 🤍 From the Series: Kimi No Nawa Song: Zen Zen Zense Original Composer: Yojiro Noda Original Artist: RADWIMPS Piano Solo Arranged by: Animenz Transcribed by: MacQui

Zen Zen Zense - Kimi no Na wa OST (Edited. Animenz live ver.) [Piano]


To Animenz. For me animenz, you are a special person. From my school days I could not be friendly with my friend group and I got bullied 13 years. So, I dropped out of school and went to the international school to avoid all off that however I suffered by students in there as well. The reason that I could overcome all of that were animenz and piano. When I was in 6th grade I saw animenz your piano video and I subscribed right up. After I watched your video I thought I want to try piano, but I gave up and just kept in my mind. I Started Piano at 4 years old, but I quit piano academy and just played i favorite songs. Though the only thing that I could show off was the piano, and it was fascinating to me. However, I didn't know what to do for my future, so I took the SAT. When I was 16 years old, after graduated from an international school I said to my parents that I want to be a major in piano but parents said that there would be very less option, but they said if I want I could be a major in composition. So I went to the composition department because I want to arrangement like animenz and pianeet. Before Exam even in short time I watched animenz your video also I saw your official video in BILIBILI and played those masterpieces. Because you were my idol, my goal also you saved my life. Because of you, I could pass a university in the class of 2019. And I don't really want to miss this opportunity. Really. I could not be a first place my parents said do not try out for this. I will try really...really hard. Really. I want to show my sincerity by being a first place! Thanks to save my life. My IDOL. Shaint Zen Zen Zense Piano Sheet - 🤍 🤍 I mixed two versions. #Thanks_for_Everyone #Animenz

Zen Zen Zense - Kimi no Na wa OST [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Animenz


Original Video: 🤍 Piano arrangement by Animenz Sheet Music: 🤍 Original Song: Zen Zen Zense / 前前前世 Anime: Kimi no na wa. / 君の名は。 Published by: EMI Records Japan Composed by: Yojiro Noda Performed by: RADWIMPS

Animenz - Zen Zen Zense - Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) OST [Piano] @Animenzzz


#zenzenzense #yourname #animenz Sheet arrangement: 🤍Animenzzz

Zen Zen Zense (Kimi no Na Wa/Your Name) [Animenz ver.] Progress Video #2


Tempo a bit off on this one, to work on for the next week. Arrangement by Animenz Piano Sheets 🤍

Zen Zen Zense - Kimi no Na wa OST [virtual piano] (animenz ver.)


Zen Zen Zense (前前前世) - Virtual Piano play (Used Programs by SSW+Synthesia+MuseScore) Original Song link - 🤍 Arrangement Video link - 🤍 Arrangement Sheet link - 🤍 Original Song: Zen Zen Zense / 前前前世 Anime: Kimi no na wa. / 君の名は。 Published by: EMI Records Japan Composed by: Yojiro Noda Performed by: RADWIMPS Arrangement by: Animenz Piano sheets

Zen Zen Zense - Animenz Piano Live


10/04/18 Animenz live concert at Union Chapel London Animenz no 1 :D

Kimi no Na wa - Zen Zen Zense [Piano] || Animenz


Arranged by Animenz. This was uploaded to his Soundcloud. Original Soundcloud: 🤍 Piano Sheets by MacQui: 🤍

Kimi no na wa OST - Zen Zen Zense


Kimi no na wa merchandise!! 🤍 (affiliate) This is the piano version of Kimi no na wa's theme song "Zen Zen Zense"! [ 君の名は - 前前前世 ] [ Your Name ED - Zen Zen Zense ] [ 你的名字 OST ] One of my favorite songs from the movie... And I'm glad to say that Kimi no na wa has reached the top 10 movies of Japan of all time! It has literally reached over 15 billion yen in profit, and this is an indication of very simple, yet powerful anime stories. I mean, seriously the plot of the movie is very simple. But I think the more simple something is, the more powerful it is because it encompasses more people than ever. ... and I have noticed that my view in piano arrangement has been similar - I want to make my arrangements more and more simple, but to play it a certain way that is most powerful. Even if the arrangement is simple, I want to figure out how to make it sound powerful and FEEL powerful without being loud and complicated. It'll be a bit of a journey, but I hope to get there soon :3 Next vlog this Thursday as well! It'll be a bit controversial, mwahaha. - - - - - - Sheet archive on my website! 🤍 ishter twitter: 🤍 The book of my face: 🤍 Piano arrangement by Tehishter Lyrics by Thaerin (Lyrical Nonsense) Original song: Original Artist: RADWIMPS - - - - -

Sparkle - Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) OST [Piano] / RADWIMPS


Sheet music → 🤍 『Your Name.』 was definitely one of the most iconic Romance Anime Movies of the last decade and until today, I still re-watch this movie at least once every year, just for the gorgeous visuals alone. I also jokingly call this movie a “2-hour Anime Music Video featuring RADWIMPS” because there are so many Insert Songs for this movie: 「Zen Zen Zense」, 「Nandemonaiya」, 「Katawaredoki」or「Yume Tourou」. But the most important song is probably 「Sparkle」after all, because it’s featured prominently in the big climax in the movie, where the Comet is slowly approaching. I am 5 years too late, but here it is: My piano arrangement of the iconic song 「Sparkle」! Since the central topic of the movie was “being connected to each other”, I tried to represent it in the music as well. If you listen closely, you will notice that there are many times, where the “voices” of Taki and Mitsuha are collaborating with each other. The “Sparkling” right hand Ornaments in 1:19 for example or the dream-like right hand melody in 3:03. The most interesting part however starts from 4:04 onwards. After a long musical build-up, the Comet is falling through layers of cloud in the sky in 4:12 and what follows is a long moment of silence. Complete darkness. And then – from very far away – a miracle is happening in 4:22 because the world lines start to connect with each other again. First, only the voice of Taki is playing in 4:39, but soon afterwards Mitsuha can be heard as well in 4:58. The music slowly builds up and finally, after many years, they find each other in 5:25 and that’s where the music is also reaching is Grand Finale. As a finishing touch, I also added some “Shooting Stars” in the right hand in 6:06 to give both Mitsuha and Taki my blessings – because why not. And with that said, thank you for reading my mini novel! I hope you enjoyed this week’s nostalgia trip and let’s hope Makoto Shinkai will deliver another spectacular movie like 『Your Name.』 again in the future! I literally just re-watched this movie last weekend and after finishing it, I can’t stop but having good vibes for the next few days. This is literally the power of Anime. Just too good. See you next week, everyone! (´・ω・`)b Animenz 📣My Social Media Follow me on Twitter! 🤍 I am using Instagram as well! 🤍 My Facebook page: 🤍 🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz Original Song: Sparkle / スパークル Anime: Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) / 君の名は。 Published by: UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC (2017) Composed by: Yojiro Noda / 野田 洋次郎 Performed by: RADWIMPS 🎧Equipment Piano: Nord Grand 88-key Stage Keyboard (Modified blue version) Camera: Panasonic LUMIX GH5S The "Moon lamp" on the piano: 🤍 #kiminonawa #sparkle #yourname #君の名は #RADWIMPS

Animenz zen zen zense live London



Zen zen zense-Animenz Ver.(piano)


His newest sheet available. Like the above piano video, I practiced this sheet 2 day after the release. I didn't have a chance to record until now. Best song and best piano I would say. This was the last and worst attempt of all though it sounds good somehow. I accidentally deleted all of previous ones. I am really despise the "difficulty" of the song, because it's too hard to play this perfectly although the sheet was easier than the top 10.

Zen Zen Zense - Piano (Animenz Arrangement)


a couple iffy bits but yeah this happened

Imagine 'Zenzenzense' from Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) as a wedding entrance ?!?


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Zenzenzense - Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name) OP 【前前前世 - 君の名は OP】


As you may have noticed, I've unlisted the first upload and rerecorded the cover with more audio ~quality~ (but less visual quality). In fact if you close your eyes, just imagine a Steinway in a conservatory hall. ;) Playing on the digital is rough because I start sweating 5 seconds in and my fingers lose traction on the smooth plastic keys. It actually requires more takes than recording on a grand piano because executing all mechanics perfectly is harder on the digital. But for now, I have decided to record ~official~ covers on the digital. That means I also will need more practice on this piano, not the grand. What do you think of the audio? Am I too much of a noob to play well on a faux piano?? Leave your comments below! Until next time. 🌼🌼🌼 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = About the song: The sheets started out as a transcription of Animenz's 2018 live performance in London. I had tried to stay faithful to it, and that was the version I debuted at my own concert in 2018. Then, I began transforming parts of the piece to suit my ideas. One example is in the last chorus, I decided to derive the harmony from pure triads, to convey the feeling of completion and contentment at the end of a journey. Another example is the jazz lick leading to a secondary dominant chord. This chord mimics a deep bell toll, almost like saying "time is up", which has a significant meaning with respect to the movie... I've tried my best to use musical elements to allude to elements and devices in the movie, from the iconic comet to the stillness in the twilight air. Although the tempo is q = 190 (up to 210 at the end), I believe the song has a more fitting mood when played at a faster pace. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Original description: A lot has happened. With real life issues going on and the lack of 8+ rated seasonal shows on MAL, I haven't watched much anime, if at all, for a long time. However, I found time and decided to watch some completed shows from the past 2 years, including Steins;Gate 0. S;G 0 made me nostalgic and left me incomplete yet complete, satisfied yet wanting more. It motivated me to do something about my inactivity online. I truly wanted to record. But, not only is my USB audio box nowhere to be found, the grand piano's Mark III digital system uses FLOPPY(! ! !) disks. However, S;G 0 motivated me not to give up, even if I had to use the digital keyboard. Ever since I received Animenz's mic, I felt stubborn wanting to make official recordings using an acoustic instrument, rather than a digital one. The digital piano appeared to sacrifice nuance, expression, and ease of performance... Whatever the case, I pushed forward this time. I've been inactive for far too long. And if I had stayed that way, I might've never found my way back to my "true" worldline. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Sheets Music: coming soon The unlisted version: 🤍 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Transcribed and rearranged by Chris Luan (2018) Improvised by Animenz (2018) Original Composer: Yojiro Noda Original Artist: RADWIMPS Kimi no Na Wa OP (Your Name OP) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

🎵Zen Zen Zense (前前前世) - Kimi no Nawa (君の名は) l 4hands piano


It's OST from 'Kimi no Nawa'. The tempo was a little bit fast, so we had to try a lot. haha. Enjoy and Subscribe :) 🍭instagram 👉🏻 bellawithlucas 👉🏻 lucas_d.h 👉🏻 bellaluv90 - 🎼 Sheet Music 👉🏻🤍 - Follow Bella & Lucas 🍭instagram 👉🏻 bellawithlucas 👉🏻 lucas_d.h 👉🏻 bellaluv90 🍭Facebook 👉🏻 🤍 🍭Email 👉🏻 jumpup3013🤍gmail.com - 🍭Request songs here! 👉🏻 🤍 Bella n Lucas video will come up every thursday 8:00 p.m!! If you use our cover song in BGM, plz name the source :D ( sorry but cannot use in MR! ) 🎹Piano Info. 👉🏻 Roland FP-90

Zen Zen Zense - Animenz arrangement


re did this cos my last one was icky and on my keyboard, recorded just before otome-domo yo but uploaded after cos why not. hey walter to walter, im still working on my other song, i swear ill get around to sangenshoku one day Original cover - 🤍

Zen Zen Zense (Kimi no Na wa/ Your Name) [Animenz ver.] Progress video #5


Bit of a break from the last one. Might adjust to posting once every fortnight now as the rate of progress slows 😅

EPIC Piano Performance「Zen Zen ZenSe 前前前世 (movie ver.)」RADWIMPS


【Follow me!】 Youtube ▶︎ 🤍 Facebook ▶︎ 🤍 Instagram ▶︎ 🤍 Twitter ▶︎ 🤍 TikTok ▶︎ 🤍 After watching RADWIMPS MV and Lang Lang's Piano Cover of RADWIMPS-前前前世 and decided to make this cover to celebrate the coming new year and wishes every one a happy new year. This Piano arrangement of RADWIMPS-前前前世 (Movie Ver.) is so far the most challenging piece with the fastest tempo (Presto 195 bpm) Pianominion had ever played. Most of the piano technique here was inspired by Chopin Ballade No3 op47. For this arrangement , he follow as closely to the original MV with Special effect at (3.0) , with Pianominion's left hand tapping the piano accompanied with the right hand melody , it is a extremely tough and demanding coordination. Thanks for watching ! Piano Arrangement by Pianominion Original Artist: RADWIMPS 君の名は - 前前前世 Your Name ED - Zen Zen ZenSe

[Animenz] Zen Zen Zense - Kimi No Na Wa OST - Piano Tutorial || Synthesia


This is a transcription of Zen Zen Zense by Animenz Story Time: I seen Kimi No Na Wa a couple years ago on an AD and I literally spent 2 hours searching things about it so I could watch it and when I finally started watching it I thought it was one of the best animated movies I have seen in a while(even though at the time I had only seen like 2 anime movies) anyway thats all I just felt like saying lmoa

Animenz -「RADWIMPS - Zen Zen Zense」(Live @ Singapore 2017)


Song Origin: Kimi no Na Wa All credits and copyrights goes to Animenz for providing us with such an incredible performance.

Zen Zen Zense (Kimi no Na wa/ Your Name) [Animenz ver.] Progress video #4


No video last week cause of my PhD viva (which I passed!), but back at it this week! Don't often get the opportunity on a grand, so was hoping to have a more polished version in this practice session - but still much work needed! Anyway, hope you enjoy the latest version! Arranged by Animenz Piano Sheets 🤍

Zen Zen Zense - Your name/Kimi no Nawa (Animenz Piano Cover)


Original: Radwimps Arranged by Animenz Movie: Your Name This is a shortened version of Animenz original arrangement :D

Animenz and Theishter full encore Brisbane 2018


October 14, 2018 Love the relationship between these two talented persons.

Imagine Zenzenzense X Kataware Doki X Sparkle !!!


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Zen Zen Zense (Short Ver.) | Animenz Arrangement / Piano Cover.


First post of 2021!!! Also it’s a animenz 11th anniversary. So I decided to record this to celebrate. :3 Why don’t i play full piece? Ummmm....I was cleaning my lovely piano and then some how i’ve lost a sheet music....yeah so lololol 😂 idk where did i get the sheet tho 😂 Btw... Any microphone suggestion? Is zoom h1n worth it? i’m planning to get something that can record a better audio quality :3 I can’t afford a pair of mics lol (limited budget xD) I do own a digital piano (Kawai KDP90) but i don’t like a feel of touching i prefer a real hammer hitting a strings. xD Leave a comment down below. :3 Ohhh also next upload is going to be TITLE IDOL. :3 But i’m not promising when i will upload it. xP Subscribe and like if you enjoy my video :3 I appreciate all your support Cya~ ———————————————————————————— Original Artist : RADWIMPS Piano Arrangement : Animenz

Zen zen Zense, kimi no na wa (Piano/Arr.Animenz) Cover By Arima


Hey people, I'm a pianist who started making videos for youtube, I play piano for 7 years, and I want to expand my music to more people ^^. My wish is for my music to reach the heart of the listener, and get stuck in it. My discord server: https: //discord.gg/ZkGQ99m9

Zen Zen Zense (Kimi no Na Wa/Your Name) [Animenz ver.] Progress Video #1


Been meaning for a while to share piano videos of what I play in my spare time, but I've never got to the point where I'm happy enough with the 'quality' to actually upload them.... Finally came up with a compromise, where I commit to upload a progress video once a week on whichever piece I'm working on. Some videos might seem like no improvement or worse than the previous week, but hopefully over a few weeks there'll be a noticeable improvement compared to the first. Hopefully this will focus me to actually finish a piece, and the plan is that once it's complete I'll record a 'final version' on a proper piano! tldr - follow my progress as I struggle to master different piano pieces (hopefully resulting in a final version) Arrangement by Animenz Piano Sheets 🤍

Zen Zen Zense (Animenz ver.) Progress Run || August 19 2019


EDIT 2022: Turns out I had this unlisted this whole time. And unlisting it made the date of this video to the current date. I don't know how to restore the original upload date though sadly. Here is my recording on the last day before I fly to the US for university. It's still not good, since the tempo is all over the place. I even had to cut it halfway through since I couldn't reliably hit that part at 3:51.

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) - Zen Zen Zense 前前前世 Piano Cover


Finally a new cover after a long time since Unravel. I was going to record One Piece - WE ARE but then it wasn't going very well. Last week I decided to stop One piece for few weeks before trying again so I started to learn this arrangement from Animenz. It is one of my favourite lyrical arrangement from Animenz, together with Hikaru Nara and Weight of the World. Zen Zen Zense From Kimi No Na Wa Director: Shinkai Makoto Original Artist: Radwimps Solo Piano Arrangement by Animenz © Image from Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) It will be propbably the last recording of this year. I am planning to work on some piano visualizer projects with my friend during this summer holiday in Australia :)

Что ищут прямо сейчас на
zen zen zense animenz piano 김경일 강의 4:3 osu! 김창옥 강의 pensiya verilir 김경일 김창옥교수 사이코패스 국뽕 며느리 부부관계 부부관계강의 막말 Kasolo gag John kay Imam Al Mahdi 古韵新声春节 سيرش هاك