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Is this Australia's 'rudest' restaurant? - BBC News

BBC News

BBC News

Описание видео:

Customers have called it the 'world’s rudest restaurant', but the success of Sydney’s Karen’s Diner has taken even its owners by surprise. It started as a pop-up restaurant during Australia's Covid-19 lockdown, becoming a viral sensation on social media, and now it's opening new branches across the world. The waiting staff are actors, trained to be as 'rude' as possible. The BBC’s Jacqui Wakefield visited the diner to learn more. Subscribe here: 🤍bit.ly/1rbfUog #Australia #Food #BBCNews

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Is this Australia's 'rudest' restaurant? - BBC News
Is this Australia's 'rudest' restaurant? - BBC News
Is this Australia's 'rudest' restaurant? - BBC News
Is this Australia's 'rudest' restaurant? - BBC News
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Maloy Chowdhuri
2023-09-19 18:31:59

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Iwona Szortyka
2023-09-18 08:29:12

Can somebody explain to me what it means "B1" ( MxxkbCOWs2c&t=1m58s 1:58 - he says the waitress called him B1)

Maloy Chowdhuri
2023-09-09 14:14:45

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Maloy Chowdhuri
2023-09-06 08:32:22

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2023-08-12 10:11:47

They got this idea from notorious "Weiners circle" in Chicago. 😉

V Graham
2023-08-03 02:40:15

Karen's get too much air time as it is.

Christian Villareal
2023-07-29 01:34:20

The Australian version of Amy's Baking Company.

Maloy Chowdhuri
2023-07-25 10:12:12

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Jann Lee
2023-07-15 23:52:57

Restaurant should be restaurant.
Focus on the food and services.

Jamie W
2023-07-11 23:47:12

the Narrator in this clip sounds like she is in school. Really unseasoned at what she does.

2023-07-08 03:21:02

Hello Ayatollah BBC 😊

2023-06-30 18:31:12

In a world full of hatred, jealously, filth this one is soooooooooooooo refreshing. I would love to go there and laugh out loud.

Maloy Chowdhuri
2023-06-27 06:14:46

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2023-06-27 01:53:54

Australian are by default rude so why there is a need of this..

2023-06-26 16:01:14

Wong kay in london was the orginal rude restaurant.

Salim Ch
2023-06-25 21:47:34

Restaurant 🧬♀️👱‍♀️⛪🌹✅?🔬🤔💭 Restaurant 🧬💩🏳️‍🌈🚾💞👬💩🎓📈🥀♀️⛪🍂

yu tub
2023-06-25 17:10:08

And the “service” is included or it is it customers prerogative?

Talal Ben Abdallah Lawand
2023-06-22 10:16:05

Tate made u guys ridiculous hahahah
Guys bbc it’s fake news controlled by the matrix. And I will copy that in all ur video. You juste want to lie to the world, why you want to take the population for stupid people we’re not. All vidéo I’m going to copy that. Be careful of the matrix

Marilyn Willett
2023-06-22 05:01:44

Oh yeah I really need burgers & fries in a red plastic basket.

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