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Nagorno-Karabakh announces its dissolution as more than 75,000 flee separatist enclave • FRANCE 24

FRANCE 24 English

FRANCE 24 English

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The separatist government of Nagorno-Karabakh said Thursday it will dissolve itself and the unrecognized republic will cease to exist by year's end after a three-decade bid for independence, while Armenian officials said over half of the region's population has already fled. Read more about this story in our article: 🤍f24.my/9osV.y 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍f24.my/YTen 🔴 LIVE - Watch FRANCE 24 English 24/7 here: 🤍f24.my/YTliveEN 🌍 Read the latest International News and Top Stories: 🤍🤍france24.com/en/ Like us on Facebook: 🤍f24.my/FBen Follow us on X (Twitter): 🤍f24.my/Xen Browse the news in pictures on Instagram: 🤍f24.my/IGen Discover our TikTok videos: 🤍f24.my/TKen Get the latest top stories on Telegram: 🤍f24.my/TGen

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Nagorno-Karabakh announces its dissolution as more than 75,000 flee separatist enclave • FRANCE 24
Nagorno-Karabakh announces its dissolution as more than 75,000 flee separatist enclave • FRANCE 24
Nagorno-Karabakh announces its dissolution as more than 75,000 flee separatist enclave • FRANCE 24
Nagorno-Karabakh announces its dissolution as more than 75,000 flee separatist enclave • FRANCE 24
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2023-10-01 01:39:26

Nagorny Karabah Artsakh is our Motherland many centuries,it is our Mother and Father.Our people left Artsakh only to save children. Every day azerbaijan's goverment shows their nazi politic against us,against Law, against Truth.

2023-09-29 05:18:12

Azerbaijan thousunds of times said:we respect armenians rights and freedom
But armenians still scared because Azerbaijan people mad about the genocide armenias did to them in 1995 and they arrested some armenias for murder(there was an old man who murdered more than 130 kid back in day and he got arrested)
So armenians scared for 2 things.
First:if they did any crime they are scared to get punishment for their crimes(legally)
Second:they are worrying that azerbajian people might get revenge for 1995 deaths

I am not from azerbaijan

2023-09-29 04:50:30

The Armenians of Artsakh most nobly and audaciously chose the moral and higher minded life standards for themselves and future generations versus remain bowed and submissive to the autocratic regime at Baku. The regime is rated as most corrupt globally also very rich , but not the people of AZ , hence when people decide on health , trust , values these are high morals richness fails especially at such times of our human history .. so bravo to People of Artsakh , life is already a struggle make it worthwhile in a liberal and democratic country , such as Armenia ..

2023-09-29 02:44:57

Ladies and Gentlemen, and others...American public schools use to teach Art History in the 1960's. Public high schools use to teach Art History 101. At some point in the 1970's Art History was removed from the curriculum. These Americans are sneaky people. Now only private schools teach Art History, and they cost anywhere from 12k to 40k per year tuition. Netflix isn't honest about this, they know poor children aren't learning Art History in this country anymore. Ironically, the countries these migrants from Latin America are coming from learn Art History for free in their schools. If you own a home and send your kids to public schools, because you can't afford private schools for them,  I got news for you, you shouldn't bought a home you should have put your children first and rented, and sent your kids to private schools. Your kids education is a better investment. Education comes first. Now your options of getting a good education for your kids is calling up your real estate broker, and putting your home up for sale, and moving to Mexico or Canada where they teach Art History, and other subjects for free. I got a dinner date with Sharon Tate, can't be late.

2023-09-29 00:06:04

Wooiwwww … amazing

2023-09-29 00:05:16

Armenia getting beat like they owe money. 😝

2023-09-28 23:22:32

Kardashians aren't even helping

2023-09-28 23:12:42

It'd be an ethnic cleansing if Armenians found a way out of Karabakh during the 9 months of forced starvation.
It’d be an ethnic cleansing if Armenians managed to flee during Azerbaijan’s offensive.
It’s an ethnic cleansing now.
They didn’t choose to be homeless

2023-09-28 22:27:31

Fake news

2023-09-28 22:03:29

hope all of leave or stop complaining go to armenia 🇦🇲

2023-09-28 21:46:45

Support Cristian Armenian 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🙏🙏🙏⛪️

2023-09-28 21:43:08

Always a bad idea to trust Russia for your security.

2023-09-28 21:42:45

There is no UN or organized Commanding Center in our planet of the apes, unfortunately.

2023-09-28 21:15:35

Is it hard for you to show how Azerbaijani refugees left in the 90s?! 1 million people are officially confirmed by the UN as refugees of Azerbaijan. By the way, the same UN organization has 4 resolutions on the withdrawal of occupying Armenian troops from the territory of Azerbaijan.. Don’t you want to tell and show all this?! Where have you been all this time huh?!

2023-09-28 21:03:36

Occupied the region for the goldmines. But armenia was not able to finance the jobless people and the army in karabağ. Best option is to retreat and invest in own country. Normalise with the turks and get better economy with help from 1.5 million armenians in Turkey.

2023-09-28 20:47:47

Stay safe

2023-09-28 20:35:35

It wasnt never a state

2023-09-28 20:25:01

Its about time this happened. Finally, after 30 years, the war is over. And the right side won.

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