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Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 role

ABC News

ABC News

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Stewart Rhodes' sentence is now the longest to date handed down to a defendant charged in connection with the Capitol assault. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: 🤍abc.com/shows/world-news-tonight WATCH WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: 🤍bit.ly/3iQLwPp #worldnewstonight #abcnews #oathkeeper #politics #january62021 #stewartrhodes

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Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 role
Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 role
Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 role
Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 role
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Комментарии пользователей:
Tortillero 313
2023-09-06 12:59:05

18 years LOL!!!!

2023-08-08 21:58:37

the media Is guilty of treason when the revolution comes they will not be spared

2023-08-08 21:56:53

This needs to be repealed immediately a seditious conspiracy needs a leader and if Donald Trump is not being charged with seditious conspiracy then they had no leader period this is ridiculous!

Danny Summers
2023-08-01 22:04:00

Well done knob you’re a hero lol.

2023-07-18 02:30:01

Are these guys acolytes of Oat Willie? And exactly which oats do they keep?

2023-06-07 16:45:47

The person responsible walks free to sit on his gold throne while he continues to divide our country

Maverick Lane
2023-06-04 23:06:01

This verdict can be appealed. DOI, "It is the right of the people to abolish a government which no longer represents them and institute one of their own liking."

major artichoke
2023-06-02 16:00:50

Meanwhile pedo Biden is still out and free.

Man i love the fake justice system.

2023-06-01 00:50:44

He did no see it coming!!

2023-06-01 00:48:44

See you in 18 Dumb Weeper!

tucan man
2023-05-31 15:30:39

this is political propiganda

2023-05-29 15:55:59

Good riddance, cowardly traitor!
You're a lying, incompetent loser who shot your own eye out. Bye bye!

Alan Morris
2023-05-29 00:45:56

I find it hilarious that these Political Criminals are trying to paint themselves as being "political prisoners." LMAO!

Intergalactic Chill Pill
2023-05-28 11:25:27

What a goofy looking dude

2023-05-28 00:50:35

Us turning into Russia

Gary Pomfret
2023-05-28 00:33:09

So long Elmer.

Rick Allen
2023-05-27 23:46:25

God has been good; he has spoken and his will is for this filth to be locked up. We thank God for his justice and fairness.

2023-05-27 22:11:17

the plan was to take over a building full of armed law enforcement, with an unknown and possible infinite amount of backup resources (secret service, capital police, fbi, atf, national guard, every agency you can think of). without any weapons?
every violent revolution in the history of anything involved weapons. these people knew law enforcement was armed..... they went to take them out unarmed? I call bs!!

Robert Eason
2023-05-27 20:07:12

Where's pig dck Trump to bail these mfers out?

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