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Pak stung by Indian Army commander’s ‘waiting for Modi govt’s orders on PoK’ remark | Details

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times

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A statement on Pak-occupied Kashmir by India's top military commander has stung Pakistan. Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi said that Indian Army is always ready to carry out any orders given by the government of India. His statement was in response to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh's claims on PoK. But Pakistan has now cried foul, calling the Indian Army delusional. Watch this video for more details. #pakistan #india #pok #indianarmy #military #commander #pakoccupiedkashmir #shehbazsharif #upendradwivedi #northernarmy #orders #narendramodi #indiangovt #modigovernment #reclaim #territory #pakarmy Hindustan Times Videos bring you news, views and explainers about current issues in India and across the globe. We’re always excited to report the news as quickly as possible, use new technological tools to reach you better and tell stories with a 360 degree view to give you a better understanding of the world around you.

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Pak stung by Indian Army commander’s ‘waiting for Modi govt’s orders on PoK’ remark | Details
Pak stung by Indian Army commander’s ‘waiting for Modi govt’s orders on PoK’ remark | Details
Pak stung by Indian Army commander’s ‘waiting for Modi govt’s orders on PoK’ remark | Details
Pak stung by Indian Army commander’s ‘waiting for Modi govt’s orders on PoK’ remark | Details
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-04-27 14:19:37

Indian 🇮🇳👳Army Super

2023-03-21 04:15:34

😂😂😂 na yr na anna ab hum apni jang lar raha ager tm agaya to hum na phir aik hojana aur tmhri maa choud daiga

2023-02-11 18:30:10

Pok india ka hai dreams mein💤💤

2023-01-14 12:59:30

POK take India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 2023

2022-12-22 16:35:15

Most welcome pakistan army ready

2022-12-19 19:37:31

If it is going to happen then I will say India will end up in turning into a pakistan.
As per the prophecies of Naimatullah Shah Wali whose all predictions have come true in last 700 years, India will capture pok, gilgit and upto chitral near peshawar but after initial success which will last either 2/3 months or years Muslims will push back Indian troops and will capture Delhi and North India.

2022-12-17 17:43:52

lagta ha ab is ko b pakistan ki chy 🍵peni h 😂😂😂😂😂

2022-12-11 04:14:11

Tbh army shouldn't do any press conferences about what they are going to do,do and let every know about it later.Telling openly about these sensitive topics before only gonna create people against you all over the world.

2022-12-09 12:41:39

Aao aao tum pok ko bhool jao hum poora India lan gy because we want United Pakistan 🇵🇰 tum sirf bataan chodo tum Indian sy bara koy joker aur buzdil ma ny Nahi dakha tum aao tumhary Gand Kashmiri phly maran gy aus KY BD baqi Pakistani aus ky bd Pakistan army mootar peena waly Indian tum sirf film 🎥 ma jeet skty ho kyun KY adar general sunny deol operate as Indian army chief 🤣🤣🤣 baqi tum log mootar pee KY so jao phly wo Kashmir sambal lo 90000 bhaagory buzdil Indian army sirf Kashmir ma lagy Hoy hai ager Kashmiri awam ko weapon mil jn to poory India py Kashmiri flag Hoga goober khany waly foj jang kary gy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2022-12-07 19:39:43

jai hind jai bharat 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

2022-12-07 19:39:14

जय हिंद जय भारत

2022-12-07 04:47:57

Suppose tomorrow all Pakistan people opt India, will India take Pakistan? Someone answer me.

2022-12-06 10:56:09

Pakistan Army: Lost every war, won every election.

2022-12-05 20:53:30

don't go running and cry to russia and america for help then XD

2022-12-05 16:22:24

Sir you have forgotten Abhinandan Bahi ? Please don't hide behind parliament

2022-12-05 13:03:58

Iska v man kr raha hai Fantastic Tea Drink krne ko

2022-12-04 18:07:35

Not worried. Not even a little bit. New Delhi will be flattened if they touch islamic lands like Kashmir. Its an attack on islam not only Pakistan. They know this. Modi will not give any order except order his hindu rss goons to back down. We promise you now watch Modi not giving any orders.

2022-12-04 14:00:43

Coward Ind army couldn’t take back POK even after 70 years…

2022-12-04 11:08:54

Aap nahi aao Pakistan aaiga Sirf gorv Ka Order Mile aaacha joke he 😂😂😂 Pakistan Zindabad 🇵🇰

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