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Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on new Parliament building; 'PM Modi's Coronation...' | Watch

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times

Описание видео:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the new parliament's inauguration. Rahul Gandhi took a 'coronation' jibe at PM, saying that 'parliament is the voice of the people, but PM is considering the inauguration as his coronation.' Watch this video to know more. #rahulgandhi #modi #coronation #parliament #newparliament #inauguration #attack #jibe #congress #bjp #boycott #president #droupadimurmu #opposition Hindustan Times Videos bring you news, views and explainers about current issues in India and across the globe. We’re always excited to report the news as quickly as possible, use new technological tools to reach you better and tell stories with a 360 degree view to give you a better understanding of the world around you.

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Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on new Parliament building; 'PM Modi's Coronation...' | Watch
Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on new Parliament building; 'PM Modi's Coronation...' | Watch
Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on new Parliament building; 'PM Modi's Coronation...' | Watch
Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on new Parliament building; 'PM Modi's Coronation...' | Watch
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-06-21 15:03:04

Rahul grapes are sour😂

gaming series
2023-06-07 08:57:28

Modi ji galat kiye , Thailand me india ka new parliament agar banta rahul ji hamesa ke liye parliament attend karte 😂

Rama Krishna Gogineni
2023-06-04 03:25:02

Not sure when will Mr. Rahul Gandhi learn from his family's mistakes, India will never be his or his mentor's playground, I guess we all should be naive to expect the same. To make people fight with each other for his family's political gain has been his family's forte. God bless 🙏🙏🌼🌼

C. Pat
2023-06-03 14:14:06

The worst PM who lies everyday. Shame. He must be punished and kept in isolation until his corruption with Adani is investigated.

2023-06-02 20:36:13

I have requested Rahul supporters, to share Rahul's experience in managing anything- like a small task in a company, a city, or a state etc. So, Congress party wants Rahu to become the PM because he belongs to right family???

Naseer Butt
2023-06-01 22:38:40

One man band show.He is in love with himself only.

mohammad feroz
2023-06-01 07:29:20

Nother stunt

Kashyap V
2023-06-01 03:03:19

Who knew that cleaning the swamp would look like this!

Vidya Madamanchi
2023-06-01 02:18:38

Now he is thinking why is the Prime Minister giving so much importance to a walking stick 🤣🤣

Vidya Madamanchi
2023-06-01 02:17:00

The President is not the head of the parliament, she is head of state and the armed forces. She has no power in the parliament. Basically he is jealous that Modi gets so much credit. He thinks credit comes without working. Just by uttering a few words.

Vidya Madamanchi
2023-06-01 02:13:59

But pappu is already crowned. He thinks himself to be the king and never apologises to anybody on anything even in court.

Be Positive Only
2023-05-31 19:10:53

Rahul is ready to criticize every Indian even for breathing and eating in this party rule.

He will say when he come to power every one will get ventilator for stopping breathing under his guidance now.

2023-05-31 18:30:17

Feku thinks he is a king now. The president has got no value now. Whatever he commands people follow.

2023-05-31 09:16:33

Ram Rajya ka anubhav ho raha hai, manthra putra jal raha hai

Priya Kakunje
2023-05-31 06:16:18

Negative energy should never enter the new parliament 😅😅

2023-05-31 03:24:10

As a common man I say in the next elections introduce Rahul Gandhi as the prime ministerial candidate in the beginning of the election introduce him as the prime ministerial candidate and campaign

2023-05-31 01:56:59

What else can he do? Lol

Ashish Sahu
2023-05-30 21:01:33

Ye papu haramzada vedeshi paidaish kya jaane humari sanskriti. Jab vote chaiye toh mahadev k mandir pahanch jata hai. 2 laat maru mn es gandu ko

Study Only
2023-05-30 16:06:53


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