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SIX The Musical | Tony Awards Performance



Описание видео:

Divorced. Beheaded. LIVE from Radio City! 👑 #tonyawards 🤍sixonbroadway.com/

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SIX The Musical | Tony Awards Performance
SIX The Musical | Tony Awards Performance
SIX The Musical | Tony Awards Performance
SIX The Musical | Tony Awards Performance
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-12-03 22:02:46

Got to see this for my bday this year in OKC oklahoma. Absolutely fantastic!

2023-12-01 20:36:33

My fav is deffo k parr

2023-12-01 20:35:02

Oml❤ I love six like its crazy 😂😂 I never thought that I would ever see talent like this😮😮😮

2023-11-28 23:09:12

Omg, 🎉❤ i hope I get to see this one day!!! Always wanted to be on Broadway i thin this would be a top choice. GREAT JOB. on my birthday list lol

2023-11-18 17:46:38

They wernt great

2023-11-09 14:35:09

Writing and Boleyn are the best ❤❤

2023-11-05 22:21:15

Can anyone tell me these specific singers real names in correlation with the Queen they're singing about?
I want to look up more videos with them in it.
I love this set of voices. Especially whoever is singing at Kathrine Howard.

2023-11-02 13:00:22

I cant tell which cast this is because it looks like the cast andrea macaset is in but abby muller looks different??

2023-10-30 11:30:33

why does this scream Hamilton, is it just me???

2023-10-30 05:19:22

Now I will remember them when I take a test on his eight wives

2023-10-30 03:54:15

A Strange Loop got Best Musical, but Six is the show that will be remembered and revived forever.

2023-10-29 04:11:03

I'm Late

2023-10-28 20:38:44

The original British cast is better, like with everything else the Yanks touch, they ruin it with their voices and bad acting.

2023-10-25 23:02:23

i went to see them today

2023-10-24 09:26:15

I wish i could see it

2023-10-24 00:28:05

I love six

2023-10-23 22:53:06

Toby and Lucy at the end in the audience was everything! 😍😍

2023-10-22 13:05:58

Is Parr the only one wearing pants because she got to be independent of Henry (once he died)?

2023-10-14 18:10:15

Love it

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