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The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained



Описание видео:

The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained Wikipedia articles, we all have looked at them, we all at least once tried to write our own submissions for topics. Wikipedia itself is just well known. In this iceberg explained video, we’ll be looking at unusual articles in Wikipedia. The use of Wikipedia has expanded over the years and there have been many unusual articles posted. The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained deals with Wikipedia Articles that contain some NSFW entries/articles JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER! 🤍discord.gg/6ZhTJt56Gv I want to be more interactive with my community and joining the server will be the best way for us to interact, so why not join? SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCHZuvlqrvf49WrEnq88Johw?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: INSTAGRAM: 🤍GabrielAlfaro TWITTER: 🤍GabrielAlfaro Link To Reddit Iceberg Chart: 🤍🤍reddit.com/r/IcebergCharts/comments/lvjxri/wikipedias_unusual_articles_iceberg/ #IcebergExplained #Wikipedia #WikipediaArticles TimeStamps: Intro: 00:00 Layer One: 00:47 Layer Two: 8:50 Layer Three: 19:36 Layer Four: 29:02

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The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained
The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained
The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained
The Unusual Wikipedia Articles Iceberg Explained
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DS 20̷0̷0̷s
2023-08-04 19:41:30

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=33m17s 33:17 The actor who played godzilla and the effects director for the 80’s godzilla movies, were actually kidnapped for this movie after North Korea tricked them into thinking they were going to film in China.

2023-05-10 16:03:53

How do you just brush over Roar like that?! That movie is famous for the numerous maulings and injuries that took place over its long production. One actress had her leg broken by an elephant and that scene is in the movie! Another guy got scalped by a lioness. Luckily no one died but so many of them were mauled. It’s a wild and disturbing movie. You can make a whole video just talking about the movie.

2023-04-29 07:20:17

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=36m16s 36:16 Roar. All the animals in that film weren't actually trained. They had a safe word but its clear by a scene where an actress is using it but they just keep filming and nobody (other than an actor) helped that the director didn't care at all about the well being of the actors.  There are videos showing every attack the animals did (that made it into the movie) which includes a women having her leg broke by an elephant and multiple lion attacks. Most of the scenes aren't too graphic but there is blood and pain clearly shown. The most graphic is probably the poachers scene.

Spunttt ._.
2023-04-11 16:48:00

I dont know how to feel about the fact, that I knew about Phineas Gage through a Game Theorists video about Fnaf 4…

Thanks MatPat!

Mish Koz
2023-03-29 17:22:49

The people who made The Most Unwanted Song did the same thing where they surveyed people on the music they liked the most, instead of the least. Of course, that means they made The Most Wanted Song. If you can believe it, the Unwanted one is better, if only for how interestingly bad it is. The Most Wanted Song is just boring.

2023-02-19 15:26:18

Cats are not for eating.

2023-02-05 19:42:43

No we didn't

bullet hole teddy
2023-01-25 12:09:45

Imagine how shocked you'd be to be struck by lightning, when roy gets struck he's just like damn it happened again

The Monominee Station
2023-01-22 18:10:35

I had also read about Roy Sullivan before.

The Monominee Station
2023-01-22 18:08:03

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=16m09s 16:09 I've heard of this before!

Articulated Doom
2023-01-16 20:34:02

Archie vs Predator is a really fun read, actually.

French Fried
2023-01-07 22:34:59

Imagine thinking you own the moon. Corporations are wild

2022-12-28 17:29:58

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=19m08s 19:08 fun fact his tombstone was also struck by lightning

2022-12-03 13:26:31

I think wojtek died because of the ciggarettes

2022-11-06 22:01:02

Too much of a pause between the segments. Could you cut your videos even more tightly?

2022-10-12 13:31:31

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=16m43s 16:43 sounds like something from SimCity 2000.

dndk ekstra
2022-10-10 18:01:51

kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=32m50s 32:50 TIL kwFTbR2zxZ8&t=33m16s 33:16 thank me lator

Raymx slapped y'all
2022-10-09 05:10:52

You really think his name is HARRY LEWIS? !?!? tell me you're joking man or a really stupid flub cuz c'mon man!

Raymx slapped y'all
2022-10-09 04:48:22

damn does God love or hate roy?

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