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Ukraine dismisses Russia's claims Bakhmut is under its control - BBC News

BBC News

BBC News

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Ukrainian officials have dismissed claims that the city of Bakhmut has fallen to Russian control. It comes after Wagner Mercenary said they had started handing over control of the city to Moscow. The battle of Bakhmut has been the longest of the war so far with the highest casualties for both sides. Aerial footage shows the destruction of residential areas in the city, now largely empty, and a win by either side would be a symbolic victory. Please subscribe here: 🤍bit.ly/1rbfUog #Ukraine #UkraineWar #BBCNews

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Ukraine dismisses Russia's claims Bakhmut is under its control - BBC News
Ukraine dismisses Russia's claims Bakhmut is under its control - BBC News
Ukraine dismisses Russia's claims Bakhmut is under its control - BBC News
Ukraine dismisses Russia's claims Bakhmut is under its control - BBC News
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stiff chocolate
2023-06-02 15:03:21


2023-06-02 05:30:20

Zelensky still controlls 1 micrometer of Bakmuat, so of course it hasn't fallen into the arms of a mercenary army armed with the shovels of destiny.

2023-06-01 18:12:18

High heels zelenskyy and his criminals are delusional.

N Carl Manerhaim
2023-06-01 08:06:58

The local conflict in Ukraine allowed the Greens (Modern Schutzstaffel) to accelerate their dream of destroying the Western industry, economy, prosperity for the sake of establishing the dictatorship of the Green elite, the maniacs. Start total armament and World War.
The Nazis began an accelerated transition to renewable energy. The party program (Greens) was founded by the Nazis in the Reichstag elections of 1933), Slogans of switching to wind energy and using wind to produce hydrogen.
The catalyst for this energy revolution in the Nazi Party was an “us versus them” mentality and a fundamental reaction to the “original sin of the industrial revolution”—a revolution that vastly improved the standard of living of mankind and was made possible by coal. But when the Nazi Party fell in 1945, the Nazis and neo-Nazi environmental leaders had to find new ways to continue their "energy revolution." Later, the same party officially became the German Green Party in 1980, which led to the "greening of Germany", ultimately the "greening of Europe", and is not based on science, but on the insane green ideology of the Nazis. Its founders in 1980 were also Nazis involved in Kristallnacht.
The leftist government of the EU, AU, let's say destroy its entire population EC, AU, with the exception of the LGBT, of course, the impact on climate change on the earth of 510.1 million km² will be zero.
In the plans of the Green leaders of AUKUS, the destruction of industry, animal husbandry, and so on. In their opinion, this is the road to absolute power, their dictatorship.
It is exclusively about the control of the population by the Western elite, which they tried to carry out with the help of Communism, Nazism and Socialism.

고블린 호릭콜리스(오영준, OH, YEONGJUN)
2023-05-31 13:04:19


고블린 호릭콜리스(오영준, OH, YEONGJUN)
2023-05-31 13:02:41


full stack
2023-05-30 08:45:50

Little strategic value 😂.

zoltan Lapu
2023-05-30 06:48:29

How to lie with a straight face :-) Congrats buddy!

2023-05-29 18:34:03

Bakhmut is under Russian control, and I'm sure the BBC "Verify" program will confirm this once the political authorities in the UK, who run the BBC, approve of releasing the truth.

Intense Ninja 82
2023-05-29 16:00:10

Zelensky is delusional and can't accept the truth.

Klemesu Laryea
2023-05-29 11:17:21

I used to trust the BBC completely until about 2 decades ago with you reporting on the Barack, Hillary Primary Race. And now your Reporting on the Ukrainian war leaves no doubt in my mind that the BBC is the Propaganda arm of the British government. As Downing Street goes, so goes the BBC. Where are your war correspondents? Stop feeding people with false reports. In this war, British Military Intelligent is doing a better job.

Sct Smith
2023-05-29 01:27:04

At this point what is even left of it.. All civilians r dead anyway

2023-05-28 23:07:30

This isnt news.. its literally the definition of war.

bobcat 11
2023-05-28 22:23:12

Western media repeats every word Ukraine say no matter what, as more people die , companies and people make a lot of money so sad

Победа России Palestine8
2023-05-28 15:36:29

Breaking news ⬇️🖲☣️J🌏T🎮PalestineArabic This is a message for you Samuel Warburg, the Regional Spokesman for the US State With all due respect to the cultural American people, they know American politics the lie? Don't Play it with the American people and the world If you do not lie, flee from the Middle East and the land of Palestine Today the world is under the control of nuclear weapons, but you are playing with time....Because of the American policy in the Middle East, they suffer from the strongest disease

2023-05-28 14:25:51

current maidan far-right coup junta ruling in Kyev are not only bloody killers but also biggest liars in this war of lies

Anadi Kundu
2023-05-28 11:45:12

UK is responsible for the destruction of Ukraine.

2023-05-28 05:04:21

Ukraine claims. 🤣

fadi abdulah
2023-05-28 02:12:31

Ukrainian were TERRORIST in Iraq in 2003 and currently they’re killing innocents people in the occupied PALESTINE with the Zionist occupation army

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