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Volodymyr Gnatenko - Vier (WWM011)

Subwax Distribution

Subwax Distribution

Описание видео:

Track B2 of the 2 release. WWM011 is the second appearence of Ukranian huge talent Volodymyr Gnatenko on Where We Met. The opening track Een is a complex but beautiful web of breaks, IDM elements and acid elements and it’s the perfect bridge for Twee, a downtempo beauty in which Volodymyr's composition talent is crystal clear. The B1 Drie brings is a wonderful dancefloor tune with a tunneling melodies and hypnotic evolutions to a surprising yett dreamy closing. The closing track Vier is one to enjoy with your eyes closed, your mind free and your body ready to dance. Buy: 🤍subwax.es/product/wwm011/

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Volodymyr Gnatenko - Vier (WWM011)
Volodymyr Gnatenko - Vier (WWM011)
Volodymyr Gnatenko - Vier (WWM011)
Volodymyr Gnatenko - Vier (WWM011)
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