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WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Описание видео:

Check out SignalWire at: 🤍bit.ly/signalwirewan Unify and simplify your PC components! Check out Corsair’s iCUE Link Smart Ecosystem at 🤍lmg.gg/CorsairiCUELink Edit and Convert PDF with UPDF, Get 58% Off: 🤍bit.ly/3Zxl30s Podcast download: 🤍podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thewanshowpodcast/episodes/WANGO-Is-Gone-Forever-WAN-Show-September-292023-e2a1ar2 Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters. 1:09 Intro. 1:33 Topic #1: CS:GO is no more, long lives CS 2. 2:48 History of CS, Source, Luke's experience. 9:36 Subtick, playing with Joe, volumetric smoke, recoil & shield. 16:00 Twitch & FP on CS recoil, Steam reviews, $40M in 40 minute. 22:06 Steam reviews, discussing CS 2 replacing CS:GO, a negative review. 32:50 BG3, Linus's BG3 review on Discord, BG3's tutorial, games reviews. 48:21 Yvonne's character choice, camera mod, game preference. 56:03 LTTStore's new desk pad. 57:06 Linus recalls a viewer's argument on using YT Superchats. 58:18 Creator's warehouse bread plushies ft. FP poll. 1:01:16 Merch Messages #1. 1:01:22 Would you wipe your controversies if you also wipe what you learnt from them? 1:03:44 Luke disagrees with FP Poll. 1:04:58 Any personal experience dealing with low temperature on tech? 1:07:23 New FP Poll for breads. 1:07:48 How many times has DLL said anything that caused chaos within LMG? 1:11:00 FP Poll result, bread is the meme. 1:12:09 Topic #2: Newegg's GPU trade in program. 1:12:34 Trade in prices, easy process & warranty. 1:20:49 Linus's price take, Luke on working with PayPal, LTT's AMD video, Linus on satire. 1:38:30 Sponsors. 1:38:41 SignalWire. 1:39:45 Corsair. 1:40:38 UPDF. 1:42:13 Covering last WAN's supplement sponsorship. 1:45:30 Merch Messages #2. 1:45:36 How bad a monitor would you use for free before spending on one? 1:53:16 Has LTT ever used consultors or contractors? 2:00:56 How do you address technical debt in your projects? 2:06:00 Topic #3: Samsung's Neo G9 monitors cracking. 2:08:10 Luke on the low frequency of curved screens damage, Linus on per-region support. 2:12:08 Linus calls about if the Secret Shopper segment was shot, continues to leak. 2:22:16 Linus recalls Samsung's The Wall, purchases TCL's 115" MiniLED TV. 2:30:22 Linus's theory on why this is Chinese exclusive, LTT shot the Compensator. 2:35:30 Topic #4: Russian zero-day seller offers $20M to hack iOS & Android. 2:39:57 Topic #5: Reddit phases out gold & awards, now pays for karma. 2:41:06 Reddit's quote, can't opt out of select ads. 2:42:08 Topic #6: Metaverse's 3D facial scan. 2:45:46 LinAs on Animoji, iPhones & zoomers. 2:47:52 Dating, rating mail domains, urgency compared to messages & text. 2:58:40 Luke on Pidgin's supported platforms, Linus recalls Trillian. 3:02:07 Topic #7: TheFloW teases a PS4/PS5 exploit. 3:03:39 Topic #8: Google will discontinue Podcast next year. 3:04:52 Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:05:20 Emu, proof of concept characters, "The Funny Man," Ray-Ban glasses. 3:07:50 Linus shows OpenAI's bike repair demo. 3:09:06 Second gen Ray-Band glasses. 3:09:28 Topic #10: Getty's library generates images through an ethical database. 3:10:23 Topic #11: Google Search showcases ChatGPT-3's "eggs can be melted" response. 3:11:09 Topic #12: Military AI to sort U.S. intelligence. Cont. Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:13:11 Meta's Ray-Band glasses article. 3:15:04 Luke shows Hotbunlover. 3:15:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 3:16:58 How viable do you believe LTT's cleanest setup is? 3:19:48 Difficult challenge for tech that you've come to terms with? 3:20:41 Has Luke looked into aftermarket options for his car's infotainment system? 3:22:27 Has Linus's workload lowered after stepping down? ft. Tech shop sequel, Sea of Stars, cutscenes. 3:39:41 Did Yvonne's medical history help her learn finance better? 3:40:16 Any noticeable LTTStore merch preference per region? 3:40:43 Do you see 12GB VRAM being enough for 2K Ultra settings in the future? 3:45:14 Is it true that Linus can leap over the chair from a standing position? 3:49:16 Arm wrestling on WAN Show? 3:50:18 Have you explored what it'd take to start an ISP? 3:50:52 What is Linus's favorite WAN Show snack? 3:51:22 Do you think you'll see AI reach full sentience in your lifetime? 3:52:32 Why does Luke stream his Starfield gameplay on Twitch and not on FP? 3:54:08 Outro.

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WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023
WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023
WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023
WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-11-27 01:43:06

Actual braindead take on csgo sprays

2023-11-18 02:24:26

yFujQ4xvi9o&t=2h52m00s 2:52:00 My Uni allowed gave 6 months of access to email via their portal after leaving (graduated or dropped out, did both), but allowed you to forward any email to that address in perpetuity. I got so many student discounts for a decade after graduation.

2023-11-10 09:34:28

Another good example of what Linus described at is yFujQ4xvi9o&t=3h33m20s 3:33:20 is what happens to Quentin's dad in The Magicians live-action adaption

He gets brain cancer. Quentin's magic can't do anything to save him at all.

2023-11-10 04:40:55

The only monitor I have is the same Dell 2408WFP that I've had since it came out in 2008. It gets the job done and no dead pixels knock on wood

2023-11-05 02:00:39

I respect Linus for being able to listen to community criticism and not only take it seriously, -actually put a bunch of hours into addressing it to improve. Pretty sure LMG could of just been like whatever without much long term consequences. Props for doing the harder thing from someone who often doesn't do the harder thing

2023-11-03 04:12:24

I fell asleep with YouTube on, davis Icke talking about 9/11 and now i hear thia.. what is going on

2023-10-30 16:15:17

I use yahoo as my more professional email atleast since i left high school in the UK. Any recommendations on what email to use? I have gmail for more broader stuff and outlook for gaming stuff.

2023-10-29 00:19:37

Unfair to compare the TCL to Samsung's The Wall. It's mini-LED vs micro-LED.

2023-10-25 10:45:13

'how i thought about it'? Like, with your brain?

2023-10-25 05:18:44

On one hand, I'd love for AI ventures to continually step on publicly mockable rakes, like Glorbo and egg melting, but on the other hand, I would love for AI ventures to be shunned and dropped even more. As much as they deserve some kind of shame and financial consequence for outsourcing real information gathering and presentation to generative tools, it's not worth the collateral damage to respectability and legitimacy that, say, other article writers and other question contributors may have earned. Though, nothing real is stopping financial consequences from affecting those companies, so that'd be nice.

More importantly (seeing as AI is just the optional superboss iteration of techbro nonsense, and like crypto-integration before it, there will be an irrelevancy falling upon it eventually), I will 100% buy a bread plushie. 100%. It will happen. Two, if you happen to release one with a cute face on it like the controller plush, because I know a friend who'd like that quite a bit. Hopefully there aren't any further controversies between now and when I'm able to justify bread-winning.

2023-10-24 00:43:03

Thats every game now a days, Battlefield 2042, released and it had like nothing, they removed all the cool game modes, released with vary few maps/guns/features, Diablo 4, same story, Pay Day 3, Forza Motorsport, The Crew Motorfest they strip the game and update the graphics and leave it almost not playable and say its a new game, or in Forza case, worked on it from the ground up for 6 years, they haven't left the ground.... Im sure Cities Skylines 2 is gonna be contentless and broken for a long while.

2023-10-23 23:06:40

yFujQ4xvi9o&t=1m36s 1:36 it's like Brittany Broski says -- post post modernism.

2023-10-23 02:18:20

I packed my entire kitchen during this 1 WAN show. At 1.5x speed.

2023-10-22 02:58:12

@ yFujQ4xvi9o&t=3m34s 3:34 I know people that still play source to this day.

2023-10-20 11:26:07

Neweggs trade in thing isn’t that great. There’s only like 10 cards that they are willing to trade.

2023-10-19 10:19:38

Ce is a trash game, and I’ve never met anyone that loves it that isn’t also the most punchable person in the room

2023-10-19 00:08:19

16:200 skill isn’t memorization is the dumbest thing I’ve heard, every hobby I have had from musical instruments to video games to drifting cars all have memorization in it, music or memory is a skill

2023-10-18 06:54:31

Counter strike 1.5 was big, 1.6 was hudge, condition zero was meh, Counter strike Source was like beta for CS:Go and was not so popular couse technicaly not so mutch people have PC's to smoothly run game, and in time when starts Tech races paralel comeout CS:Go

2023-10-17 22:17:19

yFujQ4xvi9o&t=14m15s 14:15 linus says “thats not how guns work” and the merch message was talking about linus frequently saying things like: “that not how that works”
Perfect timing

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