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We Bought a Giant Movie CD Player and it’s AMAZING - Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

Описание видео:

FlexiSpot Sale, use the code "LINUS30' to save $30 on purchases over $500 US: 🤍bit.ly/3rmPGcc CAN: 🤍bit.ly/3qEuXjy Before Blu-ray and Streaming, DVDs, and even CDs, one gigantic platter not only ruled over home cinema, but helped create the entire concept: LaserDisc. But what happened with LaserDisc? Why was it so infrequently used in its time? For a much deeper dive into LD, check out Technology Connection’s videos on the topic: 🤍🤍youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn6rSDpkuPadWPpbhIToZIVVS4bRIBQTi Sources: - TheDroidWorks Brochure: 🤍🤍typewritten.org/Articles/DroidWorks/ed-485.pdf - Lost ‘Return of the Jedi' footage discovered on $699 LaserDisc (Verge): 🤍🤍theverge.com/2013/10/27/5035596/lost-return-of-the-jedi-footage-discovered-on-699-laserdisc - David Paul Greg (Alchetron): 🤍alchetron.com/David-Paul-Gregg - Electron beam recording and reproducing system (Google Patents): 🤍patents.google.com/patent/US3350503 - Record World Dec 2, 1972 (World Radio History): 🤍worldradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Music/Record-World/70s/72/RW-1972-12-02.pdf - LaserDisc Database: 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/12189/PILF-2870/Tokyo-Raiders 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/44014/060-839-1/Leslie-Cheung:-Passion-Tour-2001 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/00017/PILF-2869/Crimson-Rivers-The 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/21512/LV335643-WS/Bringing-Out-the-Dead 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/32738/LPR-036/Terminator-2:-Judgment-Day:-Teaser-amp;-Trailer 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserrot.php 🤍🤍lddb.com/laserdisc/46431/FY105-55MG/Gone-with-the-Wind - Pioneer halts production of Laserdisc players… finally (Ars Technica): 🤍arstechnica.com/gadgets/2009/01/pioneer-halts-production-of-laser-disk-players-finally/ - BBC Master AIV (WikiMedia): 🤍commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BBC_Master_AIV_(Domesday_System)_(1).jpg - Pioneer CLD-1010 (LaserWiki): 🤍bitcrush.io/laserwiki/index.php/Pioneer_CLD-1010 - Bilbo’s Japan CDV (Batini): 🤍🤍batini.com/otherjapancdv/ - LaserActive and Taito Super D3BOS – Unlikely Origins (LaserActive Preservation Project): 🤍laseractive.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/laseractive-and-taito-super-d3bos-unlikely-origins/ - RadioShack 1991 Catalog (RadioShackCatalogs): 🤍🤍radioshackcatalogs.com/flipbook/1991_radioshack_catalog.html - Low pricing of ‘Ghost’ on laserdisc shows a key to the current market (Chicago Tribune): 🤍books.google.ca/books?id=sf1TAAAAIBAJ&pg=PA27&dq=laserdisc&article_id=5171,2873967&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjyiv6Qh5mBAxUbITQIHQM_B_YQ6AF6BAgNEAI#v=onepage&q=laserdisc&f=false - LaserDisc Europe: A Miss (So Far) (Billboard Magazine Feb 8, 1992): 🤍worldradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Music/Billboard/90s/1992/Billboard-1992-02-08.pdf - LaserDisc Japan: A Massive Hit (Billboard Magazine Feb 8, 1992): 🤍worldradiohistory.com/Archive-All-Music/Billboard/90s/1992/Billboard-1992-02-08.pdf - The Ed Sullivan Show stats (US TVDB): 🤍ustvdb.com/networks/cbs/shows/ed-sullivan/ - HDTV Sets Now in Over 80% of US Households (Leichtman Research): 🤍web.archive.org/web/20150314055243/🤍leichtmanresearch.com/press/031315release.html - Electronic Games 1993-12: 🤍archive.org/details/Electronic-Games-1993-12/page/n1/mode/2up - Pioneer’s multiformat Laseractive System (Video Magazine Dec 1993): 🤍archive.org/details/video-magazine-1993-12/page/n17/mode/1up Discuss on the forum: 🤍linustechtips.com/topic/1533296-we-bought-a-giant-movie-cd-player-and-it%E2%80%99s-amazing-laserdisc/ ► SPONSORS, AFFILIATES, AND PARTNERS: 🤍lmg.gg/partners ► EQUIPMENT WE USE TO FILM LTT: 🤍lmg.gg/LTTEquipment ► OUR WAN PODCAST GEAR: 🤍lmg.gg/wanset FOLLOW US -   Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/linustech Facebook: 🤍🤍facebook.com/LinusTech Instagram: 🤍🤍instagram.com/linustech TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍linustech Twitch: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/linustech MUSIC CREDIT - Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Video Link: 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=ngsGBSCDwcI Listen on Spotify: 🤍spoti.fi/UxWkUw Artist Link: 🤍🤍youtube.com/approachingnirvana Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  🤍geni.us/PgGWp Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 🤍geni.us/mj6pHk4 Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 🤍geni.us/Ps3XfE CHAPTERS - 0:00 Intro 2:33 Electron Beam Data Storage 3:06 Did it "fail"? 3:45 LET'S WATCH A LASERDISC 5:08 Resolution 6:00 Audio 6:15 How it evolved 8:50 Problems 11:40 Side by Sided with VHS 13:50 Durability 14:28 Big in Japan 17:50 Enter PlayStation 18:55 Playing SEGA on LaserDisc 20:15 Storage Density 22:22 Gaming with Cartridges 23:30 SEGA Pricing 25:00 Outro

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We Bought a Giant Movie CD Player and it’s AMAZING - Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100
We Bought a Giant Movie CD Player and it’s AMAZING - Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100
We Bought a Giant Movie CD Player and it’s AMAZING - Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100
We Bought a Giant Movie CD Player and it’s AMAZING - Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-12-06 18:44:31

disappointed that you didn't show the same parts on the newer tv..
btw , is that a trinitron crt? thought i saw a wire in the middle of the crt.. z9XWN7u8mSU&t=6m17s 6:17 (It's why i never had one)

2023-12-06 16:24:17

Linus, biggest disk / best disk was funny AF.

2023-12-06 15:53:44

Some players had dual lasers or flipped the laser internally so you didn't have to get up and flip the disc :)

2023-12-06 14:46:47

I had a friend who had one. The frame rate was awful. Like a Saturday morning cartoon. I remember watching the Movie Mash and the Jeep rolling by the camera was noticeably jerky. Maybe they have different frame rate disks but I wasn't impressed.

2023-12-06 09:38:43

[CRT] "It's retina, it's really sharp"
Meanwhile you can count each and every one of the 480 individual pixels from 6 feet away, and you also sit on the floor to have the screen toccupy a measurable FOV

2023-12-06 07:57:15

So it's a record from the future?

2023-12-06 05:59:24

I want to get into LaserDisc so bad. Thing is I'll probably mostly buy my discs from Japan, like I do with VHS, and I wouldn't want to risk breaking a disc in international shipping

2023-12-06 05:23:50

if that was one of my vinyls, I'd deck Linus.....

2023-12-05 23:50:24

You need to give me a pc 😆

2023-12-05 22:40:33

The only reason I know about laser disk is from Regular Show!

2023-12-05 20:29:40

I want a blueray Laserdisc, how much storage could they squeeze into a bigger formfactor?

2023-12-05 04:12:01

Karaoke (Kindly - choke me)

2023-12-04 14:10:42

Honestly to me the image quality of Laserdisc (while it was awesome at the time) looked very comparable to a Traditional Cable TV Broadcast back when cable was analog.

2023-12-04 02:33:26

Bogus. The didn't mention Dragon's Lair even once. Can't be trusted. about:invalid#zCSafez

2023-12-04 02:32:23

Spent a year living with my aunt and uncle after graduating Highschool. Laser disk was definitely one of the more interesting things I learned about in that time. I honestly was surprised at how good it looked and sounded despite how old the medium was. Definitely beating out their dvd collection. Especially since I was able to watch the pre special edition versions of the original trilogy that I grew up on with VHS and DVD.

It is sadly both an expensive an unwieldy medium with a much smaller library compared to its successors. But for the movies that did get the treatment. For many years if not decades it was the best version available to at home consumers. Especially for the bigger blockbuster features that took advantage of both the video and audio quality.

2023-12-04 01:18:11

I'm old enough to cringe on how Linus is holding the vinyl record.

2023-12-03 21:18:07


2023-12-03 15:58:50

got my like with the first ad

2023-12-03 08:30:39

My first laserdisc was stolen,the second died after five years. DVD hit the market and I reluctantly put my fifty or so lasers on the curb.laser wowed my friends,but not enough to buy one. Paired with a Sony XBR you couldn't beat it. Whitney never looked better than on her music video EP

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