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Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created


Freddie Sayers meets Larry Sanger. Listen to the podcast version: 🤍 Read the full article here: 🤍 Chances are, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve visited Wikipedia. It is the world’s fifth largest website, pulling in an estimated 6.1 billion followers per month and serves as a cheat sheet for almost any topic in the world. So great is the online encyclopaedia’s influence is so great that it is the biggest and “most read reference work in history”, with as many as 56 million editions.  But the truth about this supposedly neutral purveyor of information is a little more complex. Historically, Wikipedia has been written and monitored by a community of volunteers who collaborated and contested competing claims with one another. In the words of Wikipedia’s co-founder, Larry Sanger who spoke to Freddie Sayers on LockdownTV, these volunteers would “battle it out”.  This battle of ideas on Wikipedia’s platform formed a crucial part of the encyclopaedia’s commitment to neutrality, which according to Sanger, was abandoned after 2009. In the years since, on issues ranging from Covid to Joe Biden, it has become increasingly partisan, primarily espousing an establishment viewpoint that increasingly represents "propaganda". This, says Sanger, is why he left the site in 2007, describing it as “broken beyond repair”. Follow UnHerd on social media: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #wikipedia #covid19 #bias

Why Is Wikipedia Broken? | Dr Larry Sanger | Modern Wisdom Podcast 118


Dr Larry Sanger is the ex-founder of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is almost a public utility now, like water or energy. It's one of the most visited sites on the internet and provides millions with information every day. But all might not be as pure as it seems and the utopia of the world's biggest encyclopaedia may have some fundamental flaws. Today we hear from one of the initial members of the project as he explains why Wikipedia is so messed up. Extra Stuff: Follow Dr Sanger on Twitter - 🤍 Check out Dr Sanger's Website - 🤍 Check out The Knowledge Standards Foundation 🤍 Check out everything I recommend from books to products and help support the podcast at no extra cost to you by shopping through this link - 🤍 #wikipedia #freespeech - Listen to all episodes online. Search "Modern Wisdom" on any Podcast App or click here: iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Stitcher: 🤍 - Get in touch in the comments below or head to... Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Email: modernwisdompodcast🤍

Larry Sanger: Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger's Vision for Decentralized Information | CLIP


🔴 Sign up with your email at Epoch TV to watch 👉 🤍 Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, learning from what he describes as the failures of Wikipedia, explains his vision for decentralized collection of information that can't be controlled by any one group to create an online encyclopedia of information which he calls a 'blogosphere.' #LarrySanger #Wikipedia #Neutrality - - - 👉Watch EXCLUSIVE episodes only on Epoch TV: 🤍 🔵 Sign up for our newsletter👉 🤍 so you don't miss out on our exclusive videos and private events. 💎Donate to support our work: 🤍 💎Subscribe to The Epoch Times: 🤍 Find out where you can watch us on cable TV: 🤍 Follow Jan on Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Parler: 🤍 Rumble: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Gettr: 🤍 - - - [EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY] DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns 🤍 - - - LATEST EXCLUSIVE EPISODES: Dr. Scott Atlas on Vaccine Mandates for Children, Natural Immunity, and Florida’s COVID Surge 🤍 Lenore Skenazy: How Overparenting Is Crippling the Next Generation 🤍 Harvard Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff on Vaccine Passports, the Delta Variant, and the COVID ‘Public Health Fiasco’ 🤍 Larry Elder Reflects on the California Recall Election, with Former State Sen. John Moorlach 🤍 Dr. Robert Malone on Ivermectin, Escape Mutants, and the Faulty Logic of Vaccine Mandates (PART 2) 🤍 Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on Latest COVID-19 Data, Booster Shots, and the Shattered Scientific ‘Consensus’ (Part 1) 🤍 Clyde Prestowitz: How Communist China Entrapped America’s Elite, from Washington to Wall Street 🤍 Vivek Ramaswamy: The Unholy Alliance of Big Government, Big Business, and Woke Dogma 🤍 Konstantin Kisin: In a Society Gone Mad, Don’t Be a Useful Idiot 🤍 Michael Shellenberger: Reports of a Coming Climate Catastrophe Have Been Greatly Exaggerated 🤍 EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Special Ops Michael Brewer on Heroic Rescue Efforts Airlifting Americans, Afghans Out of Afghanistan 🤍 Johnnie Moore on the ‘Human Rights Catastrophe’ in Afghanistan and the China, Taliban, Pakistan Alliance 🤍 North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park on Communist Tyranny and ‘the Suicide of Western Civilization’ 🤍 Michael Yon: The Incentives That Caused a Global Migrant Crisis, from Lithuania to the Darién Gap 🤍 Naomi Wolf on Censorship, Vaccine Passports, and the Reversal of ‘My Body, My Choice’ 🤍 Dr. Bret Weinstein: ‘Perverse Incentives’ in the Vaccine Rollout and the Censorship of Science 🤍 Victor Davis Hanson on the Assault on Meritocracy, Politicization of the Virus, and the ‘Platonic Noble Lie’ 🤍 Jaco Booyens: Trafficking Epidemic Fueled by Lockdowns, Police Cuts, and a Porous Border 🤍 Reggie Littlejohn: 2022 Beijing Olympics Will Be a ‘Genocide Games’ and ‘Propaganda Bonanza’ for Communist China 🤍 Kyle Bass: The ‘Cancer’ of China’s New Digital Currency 🤍 Roger Garside: A Coming Coup Will End China’s Communist Dictatorship 🤍 Lara Logan: Propagandists & ‘Political Assassins’ Have Infected the Media 🤍 - - - OUR PLAYLISTS: The Communist China Threat: 🤍 Culture Wars: 🤍 Traditional Values: 🤍 Crossfire Hurricane / FISA Abuse: 🤍 CCP Virus: 🤍 Media: 🤍 Economy: 🤍 Education: 🤍 - - - Wikipedia Co-founder Larry Sanger: Why Wikipedia Has Failed and What to Do About It Credits: shutterstock Images: 🤍 Music:, Stock Video: - © All Rights Reserved.

"How to Re-Decentralize the Internet" presented by Larry Sanger at the 2022 NH Liberty Forum.


Larry Sanger, co-creator of Wikipedia, gives a talk about how the once decentralized internet has slipped into mass centralization, and how we can act to save it, and prioritize the decentralization of information. Presented at the 2022 New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Manchester New Hampshire. #libertarian #freestateproject #newhampshire

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger on archiving the world's knowledge online | #TNW2019


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The Encyclosphere in Two Minutes


Why the world needs a decentralized encyclopedia *network*. A longer video: 🤍 Signup at 🤍 Follow us on Twitter at 🤍 Music: I SAW WHAT YOU DID - Copyright 2019 Wilton Vought Source: Really Really Free Music Link: 🤍

Larry Sanger, founder of Wikipedia, talks to OpIndia


Larry Sanger, the founder of Wikipedia, talks to OpIndia about the Left bias of Wikipedia, how it all started, Jimmy Wales, his unwillingness to rectify things, the future of the Encyclosphere are more.

Tucker Carlson: This is a problem for all of us


Tucker Carlson and Wikipedia co-founder discuss how the website has become more biased #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News! 🤍 Watch more Fox News Video: 🤍 Watch Fox News Channel Live: 🤍 FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most-watched television news channel for 18 consecutive years. According to a 2020 Brand Keys Consumer Loyalty Engagement Index report, FOX News is the top brand in the country for morning and evening news coverage. A 2019 Suffolk University poll named FOX News as the most trusted source for television news or commentary, while a 2019 Brand Keys Emotion Engagement Analysis survey found that FOX News was the most trusted cable news brand. A 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation survey also found that among Americans who could name an objective news source, FOX News was the top-cited outlet. Owned by FOX Corporation, FNC is available in nearly 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five: 🤍 Special Report with Bret Baier: 🤍 Fox News Primetime: 🤍 Tucker Carlson Tonight: 🤍 Hannity: 🤍 The Ingraham Angle: 🤍 Fox News 🤍 Night: 🤍 Follow Fox News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Fox News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Fox News on Instagram: 🤍

Wikipedia co-founder makes 50 educational videos for kids


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"Die Wikipedia ist keine verlässliche Quelle", sagt Larry Sanger | #61 Wikihausen


Groteskes und Postfaktisches präsentiert von Dirk Pohlmann und Markus Fiedler. Kommentieren Sie dieses Video unter: 🤍 - Larry Sanger, der Mitgründer der Wikipedia hat ein sehr kritisches Interview zur Wikipedia gegeben. Er findet, dass das Lexikon sich zu einer PR-Maschine verwandelt hat und im wesentlichen von linken politischen Kräften beeinflusst wird. Besonders würde man das am englischsprachigen Artikel zum US-Präsidenten "Joe Biden" sehen. - Diese Sendung finden Sie ebenfalls unter: 🤍 Aufgrund steter Zensurmaßnahmen auf Youtube ziehen wir jetzt die Reißleine. Sie werden zukünftig die vollständigen Sendungen von uns nur noch auf unseren eigenen Videoservern finden! Folgen Sie uns auf: 🤍 Abonnieren Sie dort unseren Kanal: 🤍 Falls Sie weitere, Ihnen liebgewordene Sender vermissen, wie KenFM, Daniele Ganser, Exomagazin.TV, Querdenken, usw. dann folgen Sie uns auf: Dort können Sie sich auch anmelden und ein in weniger als zwei Minuten ein Konto erstellen. Ausführliche Erklärungen dazu im Video. - Haben Sie den Film "die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" gesehen? Wissen Sie davon, dass in der Wikipedia etwas nicht stimmt? Die Wikipedia ist nicht nur das, was sie zu sein scheint. Es ist mehr als ein Lexikon. Es ist auch ein Scheinlexikon. Eine kleine aber effektive Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. In gewissen Bereichen wird das Lexikon zum Pseudolexikon und wird in diesen Sparten schon seit Jahren von einer kleinen Gruppe, bestehend aus ca. 200 Personen, dominiert. Das einzig verbliebene Etwas, das so aussieht wie ein Nachschlagewerk, befindet sich in der Hand von Dogmatikern und Leuten, die rund um die Uhr in die Wikipedia schreiben, aber keine Qualifikation auf den Gebieten haben, über die sie schreiben. Ihnen ist in der Wikipedia noch nichts aufgefallen? Dann kann es sein, dass Sie bisher nur Artikel gelesen haben, in denen es um Naturwissenschaften und Technik und nicht um Geld, Weltanschauungen, Politik und Geostrategien ging. Wir beleuchten in jeder Folge einen Artikel von den dunklen Seiten der Wikipedia und zeigen auf, was dort nicht stimmt. Folgen Sie mit uns in die Abgründe einer Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. Links: "Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" 🤍 "Zensur - die organisierte Manipulation der Wikipedia und anderer Medien" 🤍 Skipte und Zusatzinformationen zu den Filmen: 🤍 Liebe Zuschauer, bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Arbeit mit einer einmaligen Zuwendung oder einem Dauerauftrag. Kontoverbindungen finden Sie hier: 🤍

Larry Sanger - Co-Founder, Wikipedia & Executive Director, Knowledge Standards Foundation Ohio, USA


Larry Sanger - Co-Founder, Wikipedia & Executive Director, Knowledge Standards Foundation Ohio, USA

Family takes photo wife files for divorce after seeing this detail


#Incredible_Stories #did_You_know #Story_Rewind'

Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired


Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Women Sets Up Camera To Find Out Why She's Always Tired. All. Night. Every night, Ginger joins his mom in bed for snuggle time.he decided to set up a camera to capture whatever was disturbing her in the night. A Young Mother's Unexplained Exhaustion. 🤍 ►Don't forget to subscribe and share please help us to reach the 500.000 subscriber by clicking on the link 🤍 #facts_world #amazingpeople #stories Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired. Melanie Darnell is a vegan fitness guru and mother of three. She is also a blogger with 100000 followers. Mother Films Herself Sleeping, Finds Out Why She's Always Exhausted Melanie Darnell is a fitness blogger and mother of three.

Dr Larry Sanger, COO of Everipedia at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019


Did you know that 87% of people who use Wikipedia have never submitted edits to a Wikipedia article? Did you know that Dr. Larry Sanger, Chief Information Officer of Everipedia and Co-founder of Wikipedia, is a PhD in philosophy, and his specialisation is a theory of knowledge? Dr. Sanger took the stage at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 to explain where he thought his former project had gone wrong, and how he believes in decentralisation and how it led him to back a blockchain based alternative, Everipedia. #HKBlockchainWeek 🤍 🤍

Triangulation 328: Larry Sanger


Dr. Larry Sanger is the co-founder of Wikipedia. His latest venture, Everipedia, brings blockchain technology to the online encyclopedia. He talks to Megan Morrone about the beginning of Wikipedia, why he left, and how Everipedia is different. Download or subscribe to this show at 🤍

Introduction to the Encyclosphere


Shorter video: 🤍 The Encyclosphere will be a decentralized, leaderless, centerless network of encyclopedic content, which does for encyclopedias what the Blogosphere did for blogs. But to make such a network, we need encyclopedia format standards. Wikipedia ex-founder Larry Sanger is starting the Knowledge Standards Foundation to convene a discussion and coding efforts to creating such standards. Signup at 🤍 Follow us on Twitter at 🤍



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10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!


▬Contents of this video▬ 00:00 - Introduction 00:08 - Macaulay Culkin 00:50 - Lark Voorhies 01:28 - Jeremy Miller 01:56 - Haley Joel Osment 02:22 - Sean Astin 02:57 - Taran Noah Smith 04:13 - Josh Saviano 04:41 - Dustin Diamond 05:32 - Mara Wilson Like this content? Subscribe here: 🤍 Or, watch more videos here: 🤍 10 Child Celebs Who Aged Badly!

Let it Go The Remakeboot


The powerful and empowering scene from Frozen, now with improved graphics and animation! #frozen #letitgo #parody

Larry Sanger: Blockchain for Enterprise – BlockchainCruise2019


Conference part on the Blockchain Cruise 2019 Topic: Blockchain for Enterprise Speaker: Larry Sanger – Co-Founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger, best known as Wikipedia’s co-founder, helped to start many educational and reference companies. His most recent one being Everipedia, the world’s first encyclopedia built with blockchain technology, where he currently serves as Chief Information Officer. A philosophy Ph.D. whose dissertation concerned the theory of knowledge, Sanger has also written and spoken about the philosophy of the Internet and of online communities. Sanger currently lives in Ohio, U.S.A., with his wife and two home-schooled boys. Coinsbank official website - 🤍 Blockchain Cruises - 🤍s/ Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

Dr. Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia and CIO of Everipedia on His New Project | decentraLIVE


Our host Owen interviewed Dr. Larry Sanger, Co-founder of Wikipedia and now CIO of a new project, a blockchain-enabled encyclopedia called Everipedia. Watch as he gives us insight into this new project, addresses accuracy, talks about sensorship, and tells us what else he's looking to decentralize. Maybe social media? For more exclusive content check out and follow us on: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 Telegram: Follow our hosts: 🤍 🤍 #Wikipedia #Everipedia #decentralize

10 male celebrities married to ugly wives


These celebrities' wifes don’t adhere to society's beauty standards. Spoiler alert: James Bond isn’t married to a Bond girl. Here are the wives of famous male celebrities who have dubbed “ugly” by fans and the public opinion. Watch the video to find out the names of these 10 women. #celebspace #celebrities

Elektrischer Reporter S01E05 - Larry Sanger über Wikipedia und Citizendium


Die freie Online-Enzyklopädie Wikipedia ist ohne Frage das Erfolgsprojekt des vielbeschworenen Mitmach-Webs. Für einige Visionäre ist sie gar der Beweis für das Funktionieren kollektiver Intelligenz. Neben etlichen exzellenten Artikeln finden sich im weltgrößten DIY-Lexikon jedoch auch immer wieder Fälschungen, Ungenauigkeiten und Texte mit fragwürdiger Tendenz. Larry Sanger, Wikipedia-Mitgründer, hält das Projekt in seiner jetzigen Organisationsform für gescheitert. Im Gespräch blickt er auf die Anfangstage zurück, verdeutlicht seine Kritik und erläutert seine Pläne für eine neue kollaborative Enzyklopädie. Links: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Free encyclopedias and science today. Interview with a co-founder of Wikipedia Dr. Larry Sanger


Free encyclopedias and science today. Interview with a co-founder of Wikipedia Dr. Larry Sanger. Interviewed by EUASU research associate Kanykei Tursunbaeva Larry Sanger - Ph.D. Philosophy. American internet project developer and co-founder of the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, for which he coined the name and wrote much of its original governing policy. Sanger has worked on other online educational websites such as Nupedia, Citizendium, and Everipedia. Besides the Internet, his interests focus mainly on philosophy—in particular epistemology, early modern philosophy, and ethics. Project "Source Research Aspects and Problems" Ларри Сэнгер - доктор философии, один из сооснователей и главный редактор Википедии в период работы в компании «Bomis». Будучи главным редактором Википедии, Сэнгер придумал само название проекта — «Википедия», а также сформулировал основную часть политики, принципов и правил Википедии и её сообщества. После ухода из Википедии, преподавал философию в Университете штата Огайо. Является основателем и многих других веб-сайтов, включая коммерческие, некоммерческие и образовательные проекты. Сэнгер также увлечён эпистемологией с акцентом на философии XVII века и этику. Официальный сайт Копирование и распространение материала без письменного разрешения автора ЗАПРЕЩЕНО. Все права принадлежат правообладателю! Обращаться criminology🤍

Disrupt Startup ScaleUP 2014_ Larry Sanger


Larry Sanger, Internet Thought Leader; Co-Founder of Wikipedia; Founder and CEO of Infobitt. How We Collaborate on the News – and How We Could

I Don't Use or Trust Wikipedia Anymore.


Wikipedia is big cringe. There are systematic reasons why it is the way it is, but I mean also some articles just make you think they must've been written by furries or something... I don't use it at all anymore, removed it from my bookmarks and don't plan on using it ever again. DONATE NOW: 🤍 💰😎👌💯 WEBSITE: 🤍 🌐❓🔎 Here's the boomer blogpost I mentioned by Larry Sanger co-founder and long-time critic of Wikipedia: 🤍

Scariest Things Caught On LIVE TV


From a holographic Pope, to the mysterious identity of Teddy Perkins, join us... WATCH MORE DARK MATTER: 🤍 #SCARYLIVETV #SCARYTHINGS #CAUGHTONLIVETV MUSIC: CO.AG Music: 🤍 SOURCES: 7. Fantasmas en teleceiba mueven un vaso 🤍 6. Did The Pope Use A Hologram 🤍 5. Japan Tsunami 2011 🤍 4. ¿Existe vida en Venus? | Área 92 🤍 3. Michael Jackson as Teddy Perkins 🤍 2. British Chancellor's folder changes color live 🤍 1. FRIDA SOFIA VIDEO - GHOST FRIDA SOFIA VIDEO 🤍

Larry Sanger wants to DECENTRALIZE social media!


🤍 The Wikipedia co-founder adds his voice to the pantheon of Internet pioneers who say social media is no good! 🤍 If you'd like to sponsor my work, please make a donation at SubscribeStar: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍

Online Content: Past, Present & Future | Larry Sanger, the co-founder, #Wikipedia


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The Philosophy Of Blockchain Encyclopedias – Everipedia with Dr. Larry Sanger


While baby boomers grew up with encyclopedia in stacks, Millennials grew up with online references easily accessed with just a click. Technology keeps on advancing every single day, and online encyclopedias are now blockchain-based. Dr. Larry Sanger, Chief Information Officer of Everipedia, enlightens us on the purpose of putting encyclopedias on the blockchain. Best known as Wikipedia's co-founder, he breaks down how Everipedia is the improved and trustworthy version of Wikipedia. Learn the difficulties and challenges of putting up a place to have data that are more trustworthy and not pulled out of all references. As Dr. Larry touches on the three different categories of writing and neutralism, find out the three types of skepticism in this age where it's hard to trust the information you see on the internet and the future of blockchain. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » 🤍 Join the New Trust Economy Community today: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Hybrid Summit 2019 - Building A More Accessible World Today by Larry Sanger


[Topic] Building A More Accessible World Today [Speaker] Larry Sanger - Co-Founder of Wikipedia/ CIO of Everipedia = More about HybridSummit: 🤍 Follow HybridSummit on Twitter: 🤍 Like HybridSummit on Facebook: 🤍 Be sure to subscribe to our channel: 🤍

He Took A Photo Of His Pregnant Wife, But When He Saw The Photo


Photographs at first glance innocuous and which reveal mysterious, incredible and frightening things. Here are the stories of those shocking and creepy photos!

Join the Social Media Strike!


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Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy


Candace Owens to Kathleen Belew: "The audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed at people that were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable. Full video here: 🤍 Discover the C-SPAN Video Library at 🤍 Download our App 🤍 C-SPAN: Created by Cable in 1979. Offered as a public service. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: C-SPAN Podcasts: 🤍 Newsletters: 🤍 #cspan

Larry Sanger - Liberty and Freedom with Encyclopedic Information


Please watch: "James Rickards - LIVE on BIDS: The New Great Depression, Currency Wars" 🤍 ~ For more from Larry on BIDS check 🤍 Larry Sanger - Liberty and Freedom with Encyclopedic Information - Larry Sanger is an internet project developer and co-founder of the Wikipedia. He's an advocate of freedom of access to encyclopedic information on the net; in particular his latest project Encyclosphere. Encyclosphere is designed to not be controlled by one entity-so Facebook, Twitter, etc can't block opposing views etc-it's more akin to the blogosphere. Larry explains is well in his video here 🤍 Pete A Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero's discussion moves fast and covers info discussed in past visits with Larry. He points out the problems with the centralized management of a single site and how this can be abused. Larry shares his thoughts on the problem of politicization of education and how this has made a generational gap between different generations and how a more advanced and alternative education could help close this gap. Haiku Encyclopedic With data that is open Freedom of knowledge #internet #developer #Wikipedia #encyclopedia #teacher #education #website #knowledge #information #generations #politicization #episode #discussion Similar episodes: Larry Sanger Larry Sanger Woody Williams Join us in supporting Save the Brave by making a monthly donation. Executive Producer/Intro/: Pete A. Turner Producer: Damjan Gjorgjiev Writer: Bojan Spasovski

The Mexican Cartel Chainsaw Murders | The Story Of Felix Gamez Garcia & Barnabas Gamez Castro


"Martian Cowboy" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 "Stay the Course" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 "Martian Cowboy" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 "Evening of Chaos" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 "Come Play With Me" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 "Night of Chaos" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 🤍 Do you like to shop on Amazon? You can greatly support my channel by using this link to access Amazon! 🤍 To Donate - 🤍 The microphone I use - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! #CartelHell

Larry Sanger - Shadow Banning, Decentralized Networks and Freedom of Speech


Please watch: "James Rickards - LIVE on BIDS: The New Great Depression, Currency Wars" 🤍 ~ Shadow Banning, Decentralized Networks and Freedom of Speech - Today we've got 2 PhD's on the show. Dr. Larry Sanger is a philosopher, a co-founder of Wikipedia, and the current CIO of Everipedia. We also feature Dr Timothy Furnish who was shadow banned by Facebook. Dr. Tim has been on the show a number of times to discuss music, but more importantly Islam and history...Tim's area of expertise. We get into why the "left" favors Islam and not Christianity. Why private companies would choose to alienate and be prejudiced against conservatives...and much much more. #bids #podcast #episode #conversation #freedomofspeech #shadowban #facebook #islam #itunespodcast #youtube Similar episodes Dr. Timothy Furnish Dr. Richard Ledet Everipedia 2

De wondere wereld van Wikipedia


Wat de hoofdstad van Lesotho is, wanneer het paleolithicum begon of hoeveel awards Ariana Grande op haar naam heeft staan. Wikipedia heeft de antwoorden. We kunnen inmiddels niet meer zonder de website die 21 jaar geleden in het leven werd geroepen. Maar hoe kan het eigenlijk dat we al die gratis info zomaar tot ons kunnen nemen? En hoe objectief is het platform? In deze video nemen we je mee in de wondere wereld van Wikipedia. We danken Sandra Rientjes, directeur Wikimedia Nederland, voor haar informatie en tegenlezen van het script. Wikipedianen Michelle Boon-Van Dijk en Stella van Ginkel voor hun input en Emiel Rijshouwer die ons meer kon vertellen over zijn onderzoek naar Wikipedia. Zie hier een link naar zijn proefschrift: 🤍 Muziek oa van: - Kanye West - Real Friends instrumental - Sofi Tukker type beat (instrumental) - Tropicano - Wicked Game (Luxury Remix) - Ituana - Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (Gemma Hayes Remix) Meer video’s? Abonneer, zet je belletje aan 🔔 en praat mee! 🤍 Volg ons ook op Instagram: 🤍 VRAGEN/TIPS/IDEEËN? We horen graag wat jij van het nieuws en onze uitleg vindt, laat je horen in de comments! Of mail ons: nosop3🤍 De NOS is de grootste nieuwsorganisatie van Nederland. Bij NOS op 3 vind je elke zaterdag nieuws dat je niet mag hebben gemist. Wij gaan voor jou op onderzoek uit naar nieuws uit jouw wereld. Ook vind je hier uitleg bij het nieuws.

Larry Sanger – The Digital Declaration of Independence and Social Media Strike


Please watch: "James Rickards - LIVE on BIDS: The New Great Depression, Currency Wars" 🤍 ~ The Digital Declaration of Independence and Social Media Strike - Today Larry Sanger comes back to discuss his Digital Declaration of Independence. (you can read and sign the declaration here) Like many of us, Larry is fed up with social media and tech companies taking advantage of their users. Vague terms and condition agreements with secretive arbitration practices, embarrassingly contradictory definitions of "hate speech" and "violence"...exploitive use of our content, and privacy...all of these things has led Larry to write his declaration. The declaration describes the abuses, callous behavior and ethically corrupt behavior in the style of Jefferson over 2 hundred and 2 score years ago. Pete A Turner and Larry talk about the declaration, free speech and the social media strike he's asking us to commit to. We're in. #podcast #episode #bids #digitaldeclarationofindependence #groundtruth # Episode Haiku: When we limit others speech Protecting us from hate speech We lose our own words Similar episodes: Larry Sanger ​Dr. Richard Ledet ​Angelo Moore ​

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